There are several things on our plate, yet we don’t have enough time in the day to finish everything you need and want to do. You cannot ask a day-off for work to complete household works, nor spend quality time with family and friends because of the long list of career works and house chores you have to do.

You need to take a break from work and house work without making your house untidy. You can keep your work, life, and home balance in check by outsourcing some household chores.

Here are some home cleaning services you should be outsourcing:

Meals and Meal Preparation

Have you had days when you cannot prepare a healthy and delicious dinner after a hectic day at work? Instead of fighting with your partner on who should cook after a tiring day, it would be best to call your favorite restaurant and have your favorite meal delivered.

Moreover, if you are not fond of cooking, quit spending your weekends planning the weekly menu. You can outsource food preparation. Some services offer to deliver fresh and pre-portioned ingredients with detailed instructions to help you get through the week’s meal. 

Grocery Shopping

We have to eat and prepare meals for ourselves and our family. It might be convenient to have food deliveries, but it is cheaper to make your meal. If you outsource grocery shopping, you are hitting one bird with two stones.

Aside from outsourcing the household task because you do not have the time to drive to the supermarket, it prevents you from buying impulsively. You might not be aware, but most of the things you place in the cart are impulse buys. Thus, if you take grocery shopping off your list and have the task outsource, you will stick with your budget.

Most supermarkets offer grocery deliveries, or there are service companies that handle multiple chores.  It is one of those rare moments that outsourcing tasks save time and money. 

House Cleaning

How many hours do you spend on house cleaning a week, and how often do you do it per week? It may not be a big deal for some who spend four to five hours a week doing house cleaning, but those who are busy would prefer to outsource the task to maid services and spend their time doing their hobbies or family and friends.

Part of house cleaning is taking care of air duct cleaning and lawn care. These tasks are time-consuming and it needs the right equipment to have it done efficiently.  

Lawn Care and Cleaning

Lawns and gardens require special attention during the spring and summer seasons. It means you have to spend more time outdoors mowing, edging, aerating, fertilizing, and weeding your lawn and garden.

This home cleaning chore would take most of your free time. By then, you will not have the time to relax and recharge your need for the workweek. Thus, outsource lawn care to buy your time for leisure.

Air Duct Cleaning

Air ducts are essential for our homes’ heating and ventilation, yet as we are busy with work and other personal things, we tend to overlook the fact that it needs cleaning and maintenance. 

Since the air duct system is an essential part of our homes, you need to hire professional cleaning services with professional air duct cleaning equipment. It will be a problem if you make a mistake cleaning the air duct on your own. Air duct cleaning may also involve excessive home dust, so it is best to outsource it to avoid allergies for health purposes. You do not have to worry about outsourcing it to professionals as they have the right gears and equipment to keep them safe.

Cleaning companies help you save time and expenses of buying cleaning equipment. Do you have air duct cleaning equipment? If not, then that’s more reason why you have to outsource air duct cleaning. 

Home Repairs and Maintenance

Owning a house does not stop at having a tidy and neat home. You need to deal with repairs and maintenance now and then. If you are busy, you might not notice that some things need to be repaired. 

Some of these house cleaning, repairs, and maintenance tasks are not obvious. Your gutter may be full of leaves or debris, the shutters may need a repaint, or the furnace filters need a replacement– these home repairs and maintenance will take up a day or two to finish. As it is time-consuming and a busy person like you cannot afford to take up a day or two, you can outsource these tasks.

The expense of outsourcing these chores might add up to your monthly budget or expenses. Remember, life is short. You can take back the money spent, but you cannot turn around time. Thus, it is best to spend the time with your friends and family and outsource the dreading tasks to the professionals.

Laundry and Dry Cleaning

Laundry is a tedious task for busy people. They can only do it after their busy week at work. How about you? Can you manage to do the laundry after a chaotic week at work? A big pile of laundry is not easy to handle, especially if you have the energy to do so.

You can outsource your laundry to local laundromats that offer dry cleaning services and laundry pickup and delivery. If you have spare time, you can drop off and pick the clean laundry after it is done. But, some laundry services offer laundry pickup and delivery. You only have to appoint the laundry service request schedule and pick up the dirty laundry at your house and bring it back to you afterward.

Final Thoughts

We always strive to balance work, life, and house chores. But, as we try, we become disappointed as there’s not enough time of the day. Luckily, we can outsource some of the tedious house cleaning and tasks to some services. Take extra work off your plate and enjoy life with your friends and family during day-offs at work.