Our Mission

Pacific Carpet, Tile & Air Duct Cleaning has used and help develope ProAir Duct Cleaning Equipment performing small & large air duct cleaning services. We have built up many customers for residential, commercial & governmental buildings and have earned well over $1,000,000 dollars. Duct Cleaning is currently outpacing & overtaking our 30-year existing carpet & tile cleaning business.

We have taken different equipment elements from many different types of duct cleaning equipment companies and through trial and error we have adopted the most effective equipment into our equipment package systems. Through this expense process, ProAir has developed the most comprehensive Complete Air Duct Cleaning Equipment system for a cost of under $5,000.

Many duct cleaning equipment companies are either overpriced or ineffective. Truck-mounted duct cleaning systems costing as much as $75,000 makes adding duct cleaning services out of reach for most small businesses. The dirty little secret is that many of these expensive truck-mounted equipment manufacturers will not work on many duct cleaning projects. (More info on this subject later) Our Push/Pull method or our rotary brush equipment will work on most duct cleaning jobs. Not having the proper equipment and training for all types of ducting layout could lead to unacceptable results and produce unhappy customers.

Let ProAir show you the path forward by demonstrating why our equipment is the most logical purchase. Our online program of teaching how our equipment works and the benefits of our hands-on customer service gives you the the greater ability to succeed in air duct cleaning. With our help, we believe you can achieve similar results and help expand your existing business or launch a business from scratch.