**HVAC Contractors add Duct Cleaning**

Why are HVAC Contractors adding Duct Cleaning?

Do you currently have an HVAC repair service Company? Want to add air duct cleaning to your services? Duct Cleaning Service average pricing is $33 per register or, .22 to .25 cents per square foot (Average 1500 Sq. Ft house – $375 – $500 for an average of 2 hours of work!)  Are you currently turning over your duct cleaning to a local company? HVAC Contractors add Duct Cleaning because of the profitability involved in adding duct cleaning services.  For our HVAC customers who use our equipment, they tell us that the fact that besides ProAir™ equipment, there are no HVAC equipment costs involved in performing duct cleaning.

Existing HVAC Contractors

60% of our customer base consists of HVAC Contractors. The HVAC service companies that have chosen our equipment understand that our equipment has been very effective in removing dust & debris out of ducting. Also, our method of mist sanitizing has made jobs less time consuming and more effective of getting the sanitizer where you want it, In the ducts.

You know better than anyone the different types of HVAC ducting system and you have your customer’s trust. Repeat customers with periodic service calls give you the perfect opportunity to offer duct cleaning. Highly profitable & low skill level needed is the best combination.

ProAir™ Duct Cleaning System is portable. Our Vacuum system, Air Compressor and 2 equipment cases fit in any truck our van for the cost of under $5,000! No Large truck-mounted system that costs as much as $33-$49,000. Our equipment is designed to be easily movable and highly effective in getting the job done.

Improving the indoor air quality of your customer’s home is a smart investment in your services you offer and your client’s family’s health as well as the longevity of your mechanical system they have purchase (clean mechanical components don’t break as often and last longer). Everyone eventually gets their duct cleaned and with your HVAC Contractors add Duct Cleaning & along with their HVAC expertise, it’s a no-brainer!