HVAC Contractors add Duct Cleaning

Do you currently have a HVAC repair service Company? Do you want to add air duct cleaning to your services? Are you currently turning over your duct cleaning to a local company? For our HVAC customers who use our equipment, they tell us that besides ProAir equipment, there are no HVAC equipment costs involved in performing duct cleaning.


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Cleaning Equipment Videos!

You know better than anyone the different types of HVAC ducting systems and you have your customers trust. Repeat customers with periodic service calls gives you the perfect opportunity to offer duct cleaning. Highly profitable & minimal training needed is the best combination.

ProAir Duct Cleaning System is portable. Our Vacuum System, an air compressor and two equipment cases fit in any truck or van for the cost of under $5,000! No large truck-mounted system that would cost as much as $33,000 -$49,000. Our equipment is designed to be easily movable and highly effective in getting the job done.

Everyone eventually gets their ducts cleaned and with your HVAC expertise it’s a no brainer!

According to the National Air Ducts Cleaning Association (NADCA), a typical home requires cleaning every 3 to 5 years. This may vary depending on pets, your cleaning habits, allergies, smoking indoors, a recent remodeling project, recent water damage loss, etc. Have you ever thought of how much dirt and debris your home keeps circulating day after day, year after year?

You can  recommend complete air duct cleaning services for your customers home or business after new construction or a remodeling project is complete. On average, a brand new home has 13 gallons of drywall dust & debris in the duct ventilation system.