Dual Motor Duct Vacuum


Our Dual Motor Vacuum

ProAir’s Dual Motor Duct Vacuum System rivals expensive Truck-Mounted Vacuum machines. Two German Engineered Motors built for superior power and durability allows for maximum cleaning experience.


Our System Includes:

  • 900 Air Watts, 145 CFM, 160 Water lift, 120 Volts
  • Two German designed & manufactured Vacuum Motors
  • Large 9 Gallon Debris Capacity 
  • High Suction Power, Rated Best in The Industry
  • These High-Performance Motors are Designed for Rugged Durability and Made to Last
  • ProAir Dual Motor Vacuum power is 2X’s the power of vacuums on the market today
  • This ProAir Vac model should be selected if you want max power
  • Custom Lightweight Protective Vacuum Dolly
  • 25 ft 1-1/2 In Black Suction Hose

$2,485.00 $2,260.00

The proper  duct cleaning equipment is the mostost important element for success in the air duct cleaning company. Because of the importance of air conditioning homeowners have an increased need for air duct cleaning services.  The right duct cleaning tools can keep your customers satisfied.


Check out our Air Duct Cleaning Equipment Videos!

The Complete Duct Cleaning Equipment package is crucial for success in duct cleaning with use of our Dual Motor Vacuum & air compressor.  Heating and air conditioning homeowners has a higher demand for duct cleaning.  Our Complete Air Duct Cleaning System can keep your customers happy.

There are two main elements to cleaning ducts:

  • cleaning the debris for the ducts and
  • disinfecting the ducts.

When removing debris from ducts, you first insert a reverse air ball that allow you to blow the debris back to the clear duct box. The box is then attached to our Dual Motor Duct Vacuum.

By opening the air value, the reverse ball will feed itself through the ducts.

When using our Complete Duct Cleaning System, we provide a 24 x 24 clear duct cover. This plate allows you to cover the larger duct opening so you can effectively remove the debris.

We also include a clear lightweight duct cleaning hose that is designed to self-feed the line deep into the ducting.

Our whip head works excellent in breaking loose caked on debris on the duct walls.

Our BioClean Duct Sprayer in designed to mist chemical into the ducts efficiently. Our sprayer has a two-foot wand that allows you to direct the chemical mist and center it into the duct opening. The spray mist applies the chemical up to twenty feet.