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Just The Facts!

HVAC Contractors choose ProAir™

ProAir™ Industries has become the number one choice for HVAC Contactors, Carpet Cleaners & New Start-Up Businesses throughout the United States & Canada. As a result we have become the #1 Best Rated Air Duct Cleaning Equipment Manufacturer. Our growing reputation and customer reviews speak for themselves. Our time-tested and job-proven equipment can handle any size project, large or small.   Our equipment has been utilized in large governmental, industrial, retail and medical buildings.

As our experience grew, we looked for better ways for our equipment to help our customers complete the job. Some worked really good! Some…not so much.  But by going through this experience ProAir™ adopted the equipment that worked best, costs less, and cut time off the duct cleaning process.

Our hope is that you can put our experience to work for you. No duct cleaning job is the same, you will run into questions that you don’t have the answers for. It’s o.k. That’s why we’re here, to guide you through the challenges, give advice from our experience and help you to become as successful as our customers have. We are only a phone call away, what are you waiting for?


The Duct Cleaning Business is Exploding!

The air duct cleaning industry is experiencing unprecedented growth. Existing carpet cleaners and HVAC contractors are adding air duct cleaning to their services.

Air duct cleaning is a very lucrative business to get involved in, with low overhead and 50 percent to 70 percent net profit.

Best Rated Air Duct Cleaning Equipment Company

Choose the Right Equipment!

There’s a lot of potential in this industry, but it is very important that you choose the right air duct cleaning equipment and receive the proper support and training.

Getting started is easier than you think, and the sooner you get started, the sooner you can profit from making air ducts cleaner. Can you think of anything more rewarding than that?!

Best Rated Air Duct Cleaning Equipment Company
Best Rated Air Duct Cleaning Equipment Company

Time Tested & Job Proven Equipment

Over the years, ProAir™ customers with their valued opinion have helped develop our duct cleaning system. We have customers that have obtained many residential, commercial, and governmental projects and have seen their businesses grow beyond what they thought was possible. In this current environment, duct cleaning services are currently outpacing the majority of service-based companies.

Over Priced Negitive Air Duct Cleaning Equipment

Many duct cleaning equipment companies are either overpriced or ineffective. Truck-mounted duct cleaning systems costing as much as $75,000 makes adding duct cleaning services out of reach for most small businesses.  The dirty little secret is that many of these expensive truck-mounted equipment manufacturers will not work on many duct cleaning projects. (More info on this subject later) Our Push/Pull method or our rotary brush equipment will work on most duct cleaning jobs.  

Best Rated Air Duct Cleaning Equipment Company

Best Rated Air Duct Cleaning Equipment Company

Let ProAir™ show you the path forward, demonstrating why our equipment is the most logical purchase. With our online program of teaching how our equipment works and the benefits of our hands-on customer service, you can achieve success like so many before you. With our help, we believe you can reach similar results or help expand your existing business.

Air Duct Cleaning Equipment 

All you need to get started!

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BioClean Duct Sanitizing Sprayer

Learn more about BioClean Duct Sanitizing Sprayer

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Dual Motor Duct Vacuum

Learn more about Dual Motor Duct Vacuum

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Dual Motor Duct Vacuum

Learn more about Dual Motor Duct Vacuum

$2,485.00 $2,260.00

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How to Clean with ProAir™ Vent Cleaning Machine 

Air Duct Cleaning Equipment

As a duct cleaning contractor, it is your job to ensure a client’s ductwork is cleaned properly. Knowing the best practices will give you the confidence to guarantee your customers quality service.

Air duct cleaning methods vary, but associations like NADCA have established some much-needed standards. Generally, ductwork cleaning companies’ clean HVAC systems in four steps:

  • Accessing the system
  • Loosening the contaminants
  • Collecting the debris and
  • Sanitizing the ductwork

Accessing the system

Not all premises offer easy access to ductwork. Therefore, getting to the ducts that need cleaning can require significant effort.

The easiest way to access duct interiors is through existing openings. These can be supply diffusers, return grills, or duct end caps. You may also need to cut entry holes in the duct pipes to get inside with the cleaning tools.

Loosening the contaminants

Once you gain access to the ductwork, the next step is dislodging the dirt stuck on the air duct walls. For effective loosening, you need specialized agitation devices.

Depending on the severity of the contamination, you can use rotary brushes, air whips, or compressed air nozzles. You can also dislodge a considerable amount of debris through hand-brushing and contact vacuuming.

Dual Motor Duct Vacuum

ProAir Industries, Inc. Dual Motor Portable Vac System is camparable to the  pricey  Truck-Mount Vacuum machines. Two German designed Motors built for power and durability allows for an excellent cleaning experience.

Collecting the debris

During the agitation process, you must place the entire HVAC system under a continuous vacuum. Suitable vacuum systems range from massive truck-mounted machines to portable equipment like ProAir™’s Dual Motor unit.

Connecting the vacuum to the duct trunk creates negative pressure in the ductwork. In this environment, the dirt being dislodged cannot spread in the duct or escape into the living space.

The vacuum conveniently sucks out all loosened contaminants and collects them into a specialized holding bag or drum.

Our System Has:

  • 900 Air Watt, 145 CFM, 160 Water lift, 120 Volts
  • Two German engineered  & manufactured Vacuum Motors
  • Large 9 Gallon Waste Tank 
  • High Suction Power, Rated Excellent in The Cleaning community 
  • These High-Powered Motors are made for Rugged Durability and Made to Last
  • ProAir™ Two Motor Vacuum power is 2 times the power of vacs on the market today
  • This ProAir™ Vac model should be selected if you want maximum power
  • Custom Light Protective Vacuum Dolly
  • 25 ft Black 1-1/2 in Suction Hose

BioClean Duct Sanitizing Sprayer

ProAir™ Inustries BioClean Duct Spray Gun spreads duct sanitizing chemical directly to the duct walls and allows more chemical to be applied than the regularl fogger units. Our system will allow you to control the volume of sanitizing spray to the area that are most critical. 

Sanitizing the ductwork

An air duct cleaning operation can also include applying chemical biocides to nonporous surfaces in the HVAC system. These chemicals can be sanitizers, disinfectants, or deodorizers.

Only consider using these products after you have cleaned the ducts mechanically by agitation and vacuuming. That way, you will be sure that chemical treatment is needed.

BioClean Duct Spray Gun

Our BioClean Duct Sanitizing Sprayer Gun puts duct sanitizing chemical directly to the duct walls and allows more Bio Chem to be applied than the much used fogger unit. Our system allows you to control the amount of liquid to the areas that are most important. The “end-of-line” ducts at the register opening is where the air pressure is low and one of the high worry of dirt build up. This is why there is a need for increasing the chemical sanitizer is critical for proper duct sanitizing.

Our System Includes:

  • BioClean Sanitizing Sprayer
  • 24 inch Duct Spraying Wand
  • Durable Protective Case
  • Ladder Hook

Air Duct Cleaning Equipment and Tools Explained 

Knowing how to clean ductwork is only one half of the coin. The other is having all the air duct cleaning equipment you need to do the job. A successful duct cleaning operation will typically involve the use of several different types of equipment. Today professional duct cleaners use the critical tools given below.


Access Tools

Access tools are devices that HVAC technicians use to create entry points in the ductwork. These points allow them to inspect and clean the inside of the duct pipes. They may range from tiny holes for optical imaging, to entryways that are large enough to fit service personnel and bulky equipment.To create minor access points, you would likely need a drill with a one-inch drill bit. For greater access, you might utilize pneumatic cutters and electric shears.

Inspection Tools

You can use a visual inspection device to evaluate the debris accumulation within an air duct. The right inspection gear can also help you to monitor the cleaning process and assess the success of your methods. Some standard tools include hand-held mirrors, periscopes, and CCTV cameras.

Cleaning Tools

Cleaning tools come in different shapes and forms. However, their general purpose is the same: to agitate the debris and dislodge it from the air duct walls. Once removed, the contaminants can be propelled toward the containment system.The most popular professional cleaning tools are rotary brushes, air guns, and air whips.

Rotary brushes

A basic rotary system comprises a brush attached to a rotating shaft. You can drive the shaft with a suitably sized drill that has variable speed operation. The brush knocks off debris when it rotates in the duct.

Our Rotary Brush System allows you to detail clean larger commercial ducting. .This package includes our Rotary Brush Cleaning System to facilitate commercial duct openings.

Package includes:

8 inch Brush Head

25 ft. Rotary Brush System

Velcro Strap

Air guns

You can use a high-powered air gun to “air-wash” surfaces like register covers. Air washing pushes debris into the vacuum.

Air whips

An air whip can come in handy when loosening stubborn dirt. Its plastic tentacles will thrash aggressively against the walls of the air duct.  The tentacles are usually equipped with nozzles. The air blasts from these nozzles are incredibly useful in pushing dislodged debris toward the collection device.

Vacuum Collection Devices

Vacuum units create negative pressure in the HVAC system to control the movement of contaminants when cleaning. Depending on the size of your operation, you can utilize either a truck-mounted vacuum system or a portable wheeled vacuum.


Truck-mounted equipment generally provides more power than a portable unit. However, you can position a portable vacuum closer to the ductwork. Furthermore, a portable vacuum works with a shorter hose. It therefore, loses less suction power than a truck-mounted machine.


Pro Air Dual Motor Vacuum

ProAir™ Industries, Inc Twin Motor Portable Vacuum System competes against the Truck-Mount Vac units. Two European designed Motors built for superior power and durability allows for max cleaning experience.


Many tools used in air duct cleaning are pneumatically powered. A compressor is therefore a necessary support machine. Air guns and air whips rely on the air pressure a compressor supplies.  Compressors are usually truck-mounted. Portable varieties are available for use in worksites where truck access is limited.

Craftsman Compressor, 20 Gal, 1.8 HP, Max 175 PSI , 2 Quick Couplers, Long Lifecycle Low Sound.

Air Duct Cleaning Tool Job site video from ProAir™

Pros & Cons of Vent cleaning system

All types of air duct cleaning equipment have their individual characteristics. By considering their specific strengths and weaknesses, you can accurately determine where and how best to use them.

Below is our breakdown of the pluses and minuses of some common air duct cleaning tools.

Air guns

An air gun delivers streams of high-pressure air to dislodge accumulated dirt in air ducts. It is suitable for removing light debris accumulation in small and medium air duct systems.


  • Easy and quick to use
  • Fits through a one-inch-diameter hole
  • Can work through turns and drops in the air duct system


  • Not as effective as an air whip or rotary brush

Air whips

An air whip thrashes around inside the air duct. It makes contact with the duct surface, effectively removing the built-up dirt. The air whip’s bristles also have nozzles that blow air forward towards the vacuum suction.

An air whip is best used to clean light to medium dirt accumulation in small and medium ductwork.


  • Straightforward to use
  • Dislodges and blows debris in one pass
  • Works in most ducts
  • Can negotiate drops and turns in the ductwork
  • Cleans better than an air gun


  • Not as effective as rotary brushes

Rotary brush systems

A rotary brush system removes accumulated dirt by knocking it off aggressively with rotating brush bristles. You can use it to clean all types of small and medium-size ductwork.


  • Easy to use
  • Makes contact with the entire duct surface
  • Flexible rotary systems can navigate through the ductwork’s turns and drops
  • Cleans better than both air guns and air whips


  • The brush wears out and must be replaced regularly