Customer Testimonials


“We have been using this equipment with great success and currently have 4 complete units. With our success in duct cleaning it is currently overtaking our 30 year carpet & tile cleaning company”

Tanner Bryant, CEO

Fresno, CA

“I have owned the ProAir equipment for about two years and have used it many of buildings and very satified with how easy it was to train my guys how to opperate the equipment. I have made more than $100,000 in adding duct cleaning to our services “

Guy Johnson, Operations Manager

Orange, CA

“ProAir has come up with a system that allows me to integrate Duct Cleaning in our HVAC Repair & Maintenance. It has created addition income that I hoped for and it has payed for itself in a month”

Chris Dalton, Owner

Indio, CA

“It has increased my average job by $800!! It gives me the option of being a complete air quality service”

Aron Rodgers, Owner

Westminster, CO

“I have use Pro Air Equipment for the past two years and it is so easy to use and teach my workers how to use. We now add air duct cleaning to our mold removal service”

Dave, Owner of Renue Restoration

Shoreline, WA

“More people are worried about there Air Ducts than ever before. Best priced machine I could find for under 5,000”

Roberto Rameriz, Owner

Inglewood, CA

“Im a carpet cleaner that added duct cleaning to my service. One out of five customers go for duct cleaning”

David Ortiz, Owner

Redondo Beach, CA

“Best part about ProAir’s equipment is how easy it is to use. I’ve made an additional 65K in 2020 by adding duct cleaning to our house cleaning service”

Yvanna Dominguez , Owner

San Diego, CA