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Air Duct Cleaning requires specific equipment to achieve clean & sanitized ducts. Acceptable results in many cases means passing certified air quality testing results. So how do you do this? What is the best equipment to complete this?

Well, some duct cleaning equipment companies tells you THEIR machine is the only way to clean ducts properly. They demean any other equipment manufacturers, telling you their machines can be the only way forward and that you must invest tens of thousand of dollars to achieve the industry standard results.

Poor indoor air quality many of us are breathing

Poor indoor air quality leads to chronic diseases

Don’t have the time to go through the article? Listen to this, in only 8 minutes 28 seconds you can have complete knowledge about air duct cleaning equipment.

What is the proper equipment to use for good air duct cleaning?

FACT ONE: there are TWO different way to clean ducts:

Negative Air –

You must breach the trunk line duct by cutting an 8-inch hole and attaching a vacuum system that is from an 8-inch flex hose.

Then from each Register duct opening (pushes air flow to you) & Return (pulls air flow from you) they push or blow debris towards the 8-inch opening to capture the dust particles at the vacuum source. This is the basic concept.

Contact Method –

You attach a vacuum source to the Register & Return openings and pull the debris towards you capturing the dust particles. This is the basic concept.

FACT TWO: Both methods work!

Let me say that again, both of these types of duct cleaning systems will do the job meaning acceptable results by passing certified air quality testing. So why is there so much confusion around this subject? Well, I will tell you why.

Many Negative Air Duct Cleaning System companies will tell you that Contact Method duct cleaning equipment companies ignore the truck lines. Maybe some do but we do not. Trunk Lines is the main source of air flow in any force-air system it requires inspection to see if there is attached debris our bacteria.

The maximum air flow is at the trunk line meaning the most powerful part of any forced-air system is the motor or fan that pushes air to all the registers (pushes air flow to you).

In our years of experience, we have examined firsthand that trunk lines and rarely (95% of the time) do not find debris, dust particles or high levels of bacteria because of the powerful air forced pressure created by the fan motor. Most of the debris and bacteria ends up at the registers because the air flow is at the lowest pressure as the forced-air system spiders out to all the register openings.

Does that make sense? The easiest way to think of this is the more open registers there are, the less air flow to each duct opening will be achieved. Therefore, on large homes or offices there are more forced-air units required to achieve comfortable heating or air conditioning.

You can either push duct particles & debris to a vacuum system or pull it towards you. Depending on the type of air ducts, meaning solid metal or flex-ducting will determine whether you will use forced air debris removal method or a brush cleaning method. Many residential ducting is flex-ducting and requires you identify the difference before any cleaning system is used so you avoid doing damage to flex-ducts.


National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) for HVAC System Cleaning products, tools and equipment backs all types of air duct cleaning equipment companies.

Because NADCA recognizes there are two differing ways of achieving clean air ducts they support both methods of cleaning.

NADCA was founded in 1989 as the air duct cleaning industry grew because of the advancement & revolutionary technological discoveries in force-air systems. With this advancement came unattended consequences of debris & bacterial build up causing some people to experience heath issues:

Aggravated respiratory disease such as emphysema, bronchitis and asthma.

Lung damage, even after symptoms such as coughing or a sore throat disappear.

Wheezing, chest pain, dry throat, headache or nausea.

Reduced resistance to infections.

Increased fatigue.

We have discovered that most of these common problems in homes & offices are caused by poor air quality. Either from debris & bacterial build up in the ducting system or a broken forced-air system that may be allowing a high level of moisture in the air which can create an environment for feeding bacteria in ducting.

In either case it must be dealt with to have a safe air quality for family members or co-workers. Set aside the legal ramifications in the workplace, poor air quality creates elevated sick time and increases fatigue.

Through our extensive experience, we have also discovered that most of this kind of bacterial issues are found at the end of the line, meaning at the register openings typically in an office are in the ceiling registers right above the employees.

Complete cleaning pro air

Complete cleaning pro air

So in choosing an air duct cleaning equipment system does it make more sense to push this debris and bacteria through ducting that may be several 100 feet away to the Negative Air vacuum source or control the possible contaminated debris at the contact point and at the registers openings?

We firmly believe that a better way to control and contain this type of debris & bacteria. We do not believe pushing possible toxic microbials that can adhere to duct walls through it’s long travel to a Negative air vacuum is the best approach.

Rather, removing the debris with our contact method you have better control of the debris and can apply an EPA regulated disinfectant at the point of contact, without moving and possibly spreading bacteria.

Most bacteria lives on the ducting walls and by not attempting to move it through Negative air methods you can apply chemical to kill it on contact. Does that make sense?

FACT FOUR: Pricing –

Negative air equipment companies tend to be very costly. Ranging from 20K to as high as 75K. With truck-mounted duct cleaning systems pricing as much as $75k, the cost of breaking into this industry prevents most from ever getting started.

truck mounted system

Expensive truck mounted system is not effective

Worst of all, many of these expensive truck-mounted equipment manufacturers will not work on many duct cleaning job projects. Example would be buildings that do not have access to the trunk lines like Hospitals Prisons or even many high-rise buildings. This type of facilities requires portable duct vacuum systems & air compressors.


Our push and pull contact method with our rotary brush equipment works on every duct cleaning we have completed. Many requiring Air Quality Testing upon completion to document that the ducts have been cleaned properly (We have never failed an air quality testing to date).

Our complete duct cleaning machine system will get you started cleaning residential & and many commercial buildings for under $5,000. You may need to add some additional commercial duct cleaning tools or supplies to complete larger buildings and governmental facilities (See our commercial cleaning package).

We have used our system successfully on thousands of duct cleaning business projects. We have built up many customers for residential, commercial & governmental buildings and have earned well over $1,000,000 dollars in income. Duct Cleaning is currently overtaking our 30-year existing carpet & tile and upholstery cleaning business.

Let ProAir show you the path forward by demonstrating why our equipment is so effective and a great investment.  Our online program teaches users how to operate our equipment and will show you all the benefits with hands-on customer service.

With our help, and a small investment on you part, you can build a successful business from the ground up or expand your existing business and bring in greater profits.

Take advantage of this growing market. We can help! You are just tap away to get your duct cleaning equipment delivered at your doorstep. Here is the list of all items to help you decide which one suits your need.


Where can I rent air duct cleaning equipment?

Pro Air will be renting duct cleaning equipment locally only. Pro Air is considering air duct cleaning equipment rental services. Soon we will provide a guideline about this on our website.

We are one of the top-rated Air duct cleaning equipment sellers in the United States. Pro Air offers Air duct cleaning equipment lease financing for those who want to start a new business or add duct cleaning to an existing business. Secured lease financing with time payment can give you tax freedom as an operational expense. Check our financing facilities here.

How much does air duct cleaning equipment cost?

Unfortunately, most of the equipment available in the market is overpriced. Some truck-mounted unitscan cost over 75,000 $. Still, these types of equipment are not useful for all kinds of cleaning projects.

Pro Air witnessed this drawback of the equipment providers. With years of experience in the industry, we designed top quality duct cleaning equipment, which is useful in most cleaning jobs at an affordable price.

You can purchase our equipment for less than $5000

We already described above how the air duct cleaning equipment system works and specialty of our top rated equipment. Different equipment is suitable for various cleaning projects.

Check our Pro Air duct cleaning machine for sale packages.

Complete Duct Cleaning equipment package:

The package includes dryer vent cleaning equipment and every other equipment necessary to make sure everything is going efficiently. Air compressor comes separately with this package.
It is Portable!

You can transport it to a convenient location without any problem. The powerful suction is incredible in removing the contaminants out of your home, commercial space. These heavy duty HEPA filtration systems hold power essential to place a large section of an air duct network under negative pressure. This will help in pulling contaminants out of it and capture them. Check the detail Complete Cleaning equipment package.

Standard air duct cleaning package:

The portable, highly effective standard system can boom your air duct cleaning business. It is a professional tool for industrial duct cleaning and source removal. Check the Standard air duct cleaning package.

Twin-Turbo vacuum system:

In the case of broader space, sometimes the suction drops not eliminating all the particles. Twin Turbo Vacuum helps in removing a large number of contaminants quickly. The air duct cleaning brush cleans up the surface without damaging it. Counting on the benefits is the control of asthma triggers while using it in your indoor cleaning.

This extensive duty duct system has excellent metal features and incredible suction power. It has exceptional durability and is made to last, Twin-Turbo vacuum system.

BioClean Duct sanitizing:

Bio clean sanitizing sprayer comes with duct cleaning equipment that performs cleaning duty comparatively faster. This air duct cleaning equipment comes with sanitation formulas. The formulas help to prevent bacterial growth and to reduce the chances of new germs growth. The duct is designed to ensure a secure environment in which you’re breathing. This sanitation system ensures that your air is free of germs and pollutants. Check this BioClean Duct sanitizing.

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