BioClean Sanitizing Duct Sprayer

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BioClean Duct Sanitizing Sprayer

ProAir™’s BioClean Duct Sanitizing Sprayer applies duct sanitizer directly to the duct walls and allows more sanitizer to be applied than the traditional fogger unit. Our system allows you to control the amount of sanitizer to the areas that are most important. The “end-of-line” ducting at the register is where the air pressure is at its lowest and one of the highest concern of debris build up. For this reason, the need for increased sanitizer is critical for proper duct sanitizing.

Our System Includes:

  • BioClean Sanitizing Sprayer
  • 24 inch Duct Spraying Wand
  • Durable Protective Case
  • Ladder Hook

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Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 10 × 18 in

8 reviews for BioClean Sanitizing Duct Sprayer

  1. Jose from Miami Florida

    Good Sprayer for the ducts – I use it every day!

  2. Smitty’s Cleaning Services – Ohio

    Good tool, good case & that holds the sprayer…Happy!!

  3. Larry Davers

    The sprayer works good! Better than all the foggers I’ve used out there

  4. Gyzkbt – Disinfectant Specialist

    Nice Sprayer – Mists the disinfectant chemical nicely and evenly

  5. Shelby Cox – Mold Guys

    Great Chem Sprayer, works perfectly

  6. Randy’s Carpet Cleaning

    The chemical sprayer works well!! good product

  7. Tim Anderson

    Great sprayer and easy to use – love the case

  8. Eds Air Duct Cleaning

    Best on the Internet!!

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