Complete Duct Cleaning System

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  1. Package includes:
  • Dual Motor Vacuum
  • Custom Protective Powder-Coated Vacuum Dolly
  • BioClean Duct Sanitizing Sprayer
  • 24″ Spray Wand
  • Duct Vacuum Box
  • Aluminum Reverse Ball
  • Aluminum Forward Ball
  • 8′ Whip Cleaning Ball
  • Quick Connect for Duct Balls
  • 25 ft Lightweight Hose & Reverse Ball
  • 1/4 Air Value
  • Air Gun
  • Kick Board Plate
  • Protective Case – Spray Gun
  • Protective Case – Duct Box
  • 25 ft Vacuum Hose
  • 25 ft Black Duct Cleaning Hose (with quick connect)
  • 50 ft Air Hose
  • Extension Pole with Ball Fitting (Ceiling Registers Only)
  • 24×24 Commercial Duct Plate
  • 24×24 Commercial Duct Plate Carry Bag
  • Ladder Hook
  • Rotary Commercial Brush System Link  (Not Included)
  • Air Compressor Link (Not Included)
  • Ladder (Not Included)
  • Private Training Video Account
  • Access to Tech Support Hotline

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Weight 135 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 48 in

112 reviews for Complete Duct Cleaning System

  1. Louis Adams, Denver Air Duct Cleaning

    I want to mention that the business services and customer service teams show developed interpersonal and communication skills. They always solve my issues with marketing, technical and ordering

  2. Cindy Bauman, Iowa Duct Doctor

    “In the seven months I have started and run my business, I have paid all of my equipment off in full. ProAir™ provided great service before, during, and after the sale. I am proud to be associated with a top-notch organization!”

  3. Les Clow, Mr. Duct Cleaner

    It is easy to use for a one-man crew. We are able to clean air ducts better than ever. Compared to all the other air duct cleaning equipment out there, PROAIR is by far the easier and best to use for our business! The extra suction and power that it delivers compared to other equipment allow us to clean ducts in fewer passes, saving technicians time in the field.”

  4. Duct Dudes of Miami

    Best price on the internet! Quality equipment

  5. Complete Cleaning Services

    This product has been effective in adding duct cleaning service to our company! Thanks again Proair Inc.

  6. Revi Air Control Services

    I would recommend this package!





  9. Bill & Angie Decador – Duct Doctors, Ohio

    Grateful to this company for all their help getting the equipment fast, giving advice of bidding and most importantly, setting up a website and stirring us on marketing for air duct cleaning services

  10. Jarred McPHerson – McPHerson Heating & Air

    Just a heads up, Did extensive research on duct cleaning equipment and found this company to have the best value for their low price. Shipping was kinda expense but when I checked around, it was all the same with other manufactures

  11. Eddie Hicks

    ProAir™ Industries has helped me tremendously in my efforts in growing my air duct cleaning business. I highly recommend this company !!!

  12. Rob Little

    great equipment great company!

  13. [email protected]

    I just wanted to thank Jeff at pro air for the excellent tools for cleaning ducting but more important, he helped set up my website so it ranks on google. He helped set up my Google listing. Great help in starting out my new business

  14. Brian Deighton

    We are an HVAC company out of Ohio and we have just received our second setup – Van #1 did more than 8K additional income from duct cleaning, A no-brainer to add a second unit for van #2. Equipment is portable, easy to use & best price on the internet

  15. Beverly Kokos – 7K Mechanical, Inc.

    Here is Texas there is a newly heightened awareness for cleaning their ducts. We have one unit and are adding another because it is working so well on our first one. I think we will get to three real soon!


    Made $1,300 in my first week! Stuff is easy to use it!!

  17. Quality Cleaning Services

    In 26 years, we’ve experienced a lot of equipment. The proair system is impressive because it is effective as promised

  18. Clean Air Atlantic – Darren Hanson, Owner

    We are in Canada and I was pleasantly surprised how this company shipped the Complete Unit to BC. Also, great customer support and training videos and telephone support service. Highly recommend them to anyone in Canada

  19. Mohamed Almaamar – Dearborn Heights, MI

    I was an uber drive before purchasing their equipment. I knew nothing about duct cleaning but I knew in my community there are customers wanted this service. Got started right away and was able in 3 months to quit driving. I make 3 times the $$$ per month and I am home with my family every night. This company changed my life. Praise be to God I found then. A special thanks to Jeff for all the stupid calls I made to you in the bieggining. I would give a big recomendation to anyone trying to change their life for the better…

  20. Western Heating A/C & PLumbing – Rick & Nancy Villarreal

    A fantastic organization! Great customer support from beginning to end of the process. The team is really informed and goes the extra mile at every stage. I would recommend them unreservedly.

  21. Trevor Williams – Chicago’s Best

    Best equipment for less…Period!!

  22. Trinity Pitre – Clean Sweep Duct Cleaning / St. Petersburg, FL

    Totally outstanding company.

  23. Dan’s Air Duct Cleaning

    Only a small amount of money is needed to start a business with ProAir™. and the training they provide is a great help.

  24. Carmel McCleod

    I chatted with Jeff at ProAir™. He was very helpful and answered all my questions concerning my duct cleaning operation. I believe he had my best interest at heart and found the best equipment for me at a good price.

  25. Lee Levenson – Econo Mechanical Services LLC

    Excellent customer service! Whenever I needed something they were there for me. Thank you guys

  26. David Over – OverCool LLC

    These guys make the best duct cleaning equipment on the planet! Believe me, I searched. So many of the companies making duct cleaning tools are so vague they fail to get you the price upfront! What are they hiding?? I know, the truth! Jeff spelled it out and recomended the less expensive package.

    Refreshing! I company that has my best interest in mind! I recommend them,,,Highly!

  27. Anthony Lenard – T.I.E.S. 360


  28. KCM cooling and Heating – Mark Manalo

    If you do your research you will come to the same conclusion I did – *Proair has got the cost-effective equipment of all the air duct cleaning equipment machines* Made in the US so it is very high-quality stuff. Training videos expain everything perfectly.

  29. Zach Pace – Pace’s Comfort Cooling LLC

    Better than the equip that’s out there plus they have actually done duct cleaning work with these same tools. I think they have 5 crews that use this system daily. When I asked other companies about a particular job site they had no clue.

  30. Osvaldo Ramirez

    Had a negative air set-up that was getting old and I needed an upgrade – ProAir™ was the answer for me, easy to use and at the right price, Thanks guys

  31. R N duct cleaning / Raul Nunez

    Used rotobrush for years and was never happy with it. Been very happy so far with Pro, much easy way to clean dirt out of ducts.

  32. Stephanie Lozano – Bro Mechanicals HVAC LLC

    This company does more for users than just duct equipment – They helped immensely with setting up our new company. Website, google listing, reviews are just a few. I value our relationship with them and they always answer the phone when we call. It’s made us great in Georgia

  33. Snir Shafrir – Summit air duct cleaning

    I’m adding to my duct equipment and found this product to be better than mine. I will buy another complete system soon, it’s making us money

  34. Eusebio & Stefani Gonzalez – Pure Aire Pros, LLC

    My husband and me are very happy with the equipment and there help Thank you

  35. Sani Effect Environmental, Inc. – Enrique Muniz

    We maintain air quality at the NASA facility in Florida and purchased three units to start. Jeff asked if I could put a review here about our experience with their company. We have currently bought two more complete units, we have a total of 5. We would not have invested in this cleaning system unless it was up to NASA’s standards.

    The equipment was vetted with NASA engineers and passed their rigorous requirements in maintaining their air quality. As we ad more technitions, we will definatly ad more units.

  36. Xinyan Uhde – Clean Sweep Duct Cleaning

    Here in Florida duct cleaning service is exploding! since we added duct cleaning to our services we have doubled our company income and are growing every day. we trained our crews in 2 days, it was that easy to use

  37. Comfort Heating and Air – Edward Bowling


  38. Coastal Air Conditioning and Heating – Oscar Velasco

    I’m so glad I went with this company! Everything Jeff explained is working perfectly and we are excited to expand what we are doing now!

  39. John Tait – Central Valley Duct Cleaning

    Can’t wait to start using it looks great though!

  40. Sally Ward – Ward HVAC Repair

    Best equipment for the best price….That simple

  41. Steven Evens – Elite Duct Cleaning

    When I checked around for an air duct cleaning machine I went through much research online and found ProAIr’s equipment to be the most logical approach to duct cleaning. Then talked to many of their customers and was very positive. I purchased the complete system beginning of this month and have already made over 5K…This stuff is the real deal.

  42. Leanne Shaw – Chicago’s Best


  43. Tony Vargas – ProClean

    They really helped getting started in the duct cleaning service business, I know I have asked many stupid questions but they were patient and kind. I very much appreciate their words of wisdom.

  44. Jose Diaz – Clean Air Services

    Adding duct cleaning to my Air Conditioning Repair Services – Seems like good tool, received our order fast from UPS

  45. Mike Turner – Turner HVAC Services

    This equipment has been so easy to use! Like anything, It’s work but it has made duct cleaning services easy to ad to my HVAC Services Company. Thanks again ProAir™

    • ProAir™

      Thanks Mike! Great working with you

  46. Gulf Coast Heating & A/C

    Great equipment! Great Service!

  47. Densi Washington, New Orleans

    ProAir™ Duct Vacuum. I swear by these. Absolutely incredible to work with. With a single person doing the job we’re able to “partner up” and give the individual a percentage instead of an hourly wage. It motivates sales, instills a good work ethic, and creates a win for us, our employees and our customers. Could not do that without this equipment”

  48. Glen Bose – Perfect ducts in Florida

    Our duct cleaning services have benefited from adding this package. My guys like it better than the stuff we have been using for 11 years. Budget permitting, I will buy another.

  49. John Neese, Contractor

    This is a tool that I think every technician should have on their truck. It’s portable, its durable, and most of all its profitable

  50. Bill Schembari, HVAC Performance Services

    ProAir™ Complete Duct Cleaning System is a great product. I highly recommended this equipment for any heating and air conditioning company that wants to build a duct cleaning business

  51. June & Gilbert – Pro Air Duct Cleaning Services, Florida

    The vacuum works great – will recommend it to anyone!

  52. Air Quality Specialists – New Orleans

    I think duct cleaning service is the fast-growing service in the USA, Great Company to work with

  53. Cathy’s Carpet Cleaning

    10 out of 10!!

  54. South KS Ducts

    Once we started including air duct cleaning as part of our replacement HVAC system quotes, we increased our close rate from 40% to over 85%. The Rotobrush paid for itself after only 2 months!”The ProAir™ Equipment paid for itself after only 2 months

  55. Mj’s Carpet Cleaning, Chicago

    Added to our carpet cleaning services, everyone is asking for duct cleaners right now

  56. Ellis Donnelly – Complete HVAC Services, Iowa

    Added to our HVAC services, 8-15K a month in added income, paid for equip in the first month!

  57. Duct Doctors – New York

    Very Knowledgeable, very helpful getting our duct cleaning services started

  58. Andy Cox, North Central NC

    The best thing about ProAir™ Inc is its versatility. The complete equipment fits into a small van or truck you don’t need a large truck to transport it to a customer’s home

  59. Mel Smith – Duct Dudes

    Works Great and received fast!

  60. Bill & Sammi Hilton – Hilton HVAC Services

    Helped set up a website, GMB listing, etc…Ranked Top 3 in three weeks and getting calls every day! Oh yea and the equipment works perfectly!! Only company doing this for customers!!

  61. Dan & Carol Benning – Benning Air Quality

    We added duct cleaning services to our HVAC Repair Company because we get asked almost every day if we do Duct Cleaning! Well now we do and I can only say it has been the best move we have made in years! Besides the $$$ which has been substantial, We are now a complete Air Quality Service Company! Now about ProAir™, the equipment gets the job done! Best price, best quality that we could find on the internet! This tool has added 30% to our gross, 30 PERCENT!! Thanks for all your help!

  62. Collin McMaster – New Jerseys Best

    Got tools fast, had to cancel from a company that could not get it to us for 4 weeks! Got it in 5 days! thanks, Proair

  63. Carlos Avilla, Carpet & Duct Cleaning Are-Us, Riverside CA

    Best priced quality equipment that I could find on the internet, We clean ducts, and their equipment is the real deal!

  64. Terri Andrews – Precision Cleaning Services, Ohio

    Proair has been very helpful and starting my company. They help set up a website, got my business listing, And much more. Your help with residential and commercial bidding has been priceless. Thank you so much prayer for everything you’ve done for us

  65. Janis Woods – HVAC Specialist, North Carolina

    Great add-on to what we do! Everyone has been asking for this and now we can offer it! Thanks to the ProAir™ staff for helping us get started. our crews love the equipment, easy and fast! Will order a unit for our second truck soon

  66. Libby – Ducts are US

    Since adding our second Air Package, we have doubled our revenue

  67. Gil Gutierrez – Gutierrez Cleaning Specialist

    The training that you get when you purchase a machine-“it’s phenomenal. They take you through everything step by step

  68. Dan Johnson, Uber Driver

    Due to demand, I can make more money offering duct cleaning services than I can make at my full-time job. Plus it fits perfectly into my existing work schedule

  69. Tony Haynes, Contractor

    I made $7,000 on a job in a multi-complex system doing dryer vent cleaning. The whip & air balls really helped selling the job. I show them what’s in the dryer vents and they say ‘clean it right away!

  70. PacWest Duct Cleaning – New Jersey

    “This was one of the best investments I made which have added great value to my business.”

  71. Linda Coons – Best HVAC Repair

    Added this service to our HVAC maintenance services and we are making 8-15K extra per month, we did we wair so long!! 😉

  72. Dylyn Duct Dudes, cleaning and Restoration

    #1 equipment on the market

  73. Iris Brooks – Brooks HVAC & Repairs

    adding duct cleaning to our current service, many HVAC guys are adding duct cleaning and having great success cant wait!

  74. Pure Air LLC

    This is the one to buy, Best purchase in along time

  75. Beckman Hvac Repair and Cleaning

    Great tool!! Making good $$$ with this equipment

  76. True Price Carpet Cleaning, Jan & Phillip

    I have never been as pleased with an equipment company as I was with pro air. They were the most professional company I have done business with since moving to Florida over four years ago.

    Everyone associated with The pro air took extreme pride in their products. All the way from Jeff who went over all my options.

    I will never use another duct cleaning supply company besides pro air.

  77. The Comfort Authority

    ProAir is wonderful, they are conscientious and do great in explaining how their equipment works. You can’t go wrong with this company

  78. Momentum AC Services Inc

    Our guy, jeff is very thorough when serving our needs. He explains everything we need to know before working in duct cleaning. The equipment does an amazing job. While others wanted more money, they showed us a way to save money with a quality system and stood behind the system they sold. If and when they we buy another system, we will buy from them again.

  79. Dynamic Carpet Cleaning

    My wife and I were in the market for new duct cleaning equipment. We did our due diligence and got various quotes. These current times can be difficult but that doesn’t mean you should be taken advantage of. We met Jeff from ProAir to get a quote. He was very thorough, and professional and gave us an excellent quote. He advised us on what we needed and didn’t try to sell us unnecessary accessories. They answered any questions I had and explained the process of how the system works. I would highly recommend ProAir. If you’re looking for new equipment give them a call.

  80. REM Air Conditioning

    So impressed with this company. Jeff was fantastic with communication and the equipment does an excellent job! They helped greatly to understand how to do a deep cleaning of ducts and were very helpful in answering our HVAC questions! Training videos are very helpful.

  81. Sam Colby – Construction

    As a General Contractor, I had this company out to two job sites and they provided equipment that did an amazing job. I didn’t even need to be on-site and my clients said they were amazing at how it works. Thank you and I can’t wait to work with you again on the next unit!

  82. Action Air Conditioning, Inc – Canada

    Best products on the internet – I have looked!

  83. Action Air Conditioning – Glen

    This is our second system from ProAir, needless to say, we were satisfied with the first one. Making money everyday with this equipment

  84. Kyle – Janitorial Services

    Best equipment I have ever invested in – Jeff is great, a big help getting started

  85. Dan’s Maintenance – Dan Livingston

    WOW!! Been go so far, equipment gets it done!

  86. Doug & Patricia Coons

    I have to give them 5 stars, first-rate company

  87. Jeb Sinclair – Jeb’s Carpet Cleaning

    Keep reading on the internet that this was the best option for adding to my carpet cleaning establishment. Great products, easy to use, and am making money with them – Want to say thanks to Jeff at ProAir™ for helping me set up my site and google listing. It really has made a difference

  88. Air Masters of Tampa Bay


  89. Daniel Black

    Where do I start, This company has impacted our business in such a positive way. We have expanded our services to include duct cleaning and in the first month we completed 7 jobs totaling S12,800 and we are just getting started. Jeff has helped us immensely will marketing to new customers. I highly recommend them.

  90. ProAir™

    David Cummins, Cummins Heating & Air
    For our little HVAC company in Texas, this equipment has helped to boost our sales during the winter months, thanks so much for all your help

  91. Anytime Duct Cleaning Services – Amon Dunkin

    Thanks Jeff for all your help!

  92. Guevara’s Handyman Services

    We couldn’t be happier with ProAir Duct cleaning systems and highly recommend this fantastic group. Jeff and everyone who has been engaged in teaching us their system. They have been extremely competent, professional and courteous. It is good to know that there are still good old-fashioned honest and professional service equipment providers we can rely on.

  93. Sean E.

    Jeff answered the phone and was just so nice and helpful and cheerful. Sean answered all my questions and even offered some things to think about before getting my duct cleaning equipment.

    I want to thank you Jeff, for the positive experience and the great customer service. I will be back in touch very soon

  94. Kenny’s Air Conditioning & Heating Services, Inc.

    Best equipment I researched online, the Best price, and Jeff is a big plus!

  95. Restoration Duct Cleaning

    Easy to use and durable

  96. Timos AC Repair

    Thank you for coming up with this equipment, we use it daily now and have had great success making additional income

  97. Hvac Pros

    Hey there! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say I genuinely enjoy working with this equipment, thank you

  98. Duct Suckers of Dallas

    This is our 3rd kit we bought, every unit is making about 12-15,000 per month…I love this stuff

  99. Bennys Restoration

    This equipment saved my Biz!

  100. Armstrong Air and Electric – Dick and Holly

    Trust me on this, This company does more for users than just duct equipment – They helped immensely with setting up our new company. Website, google listing, reviews are just a few. I value our relationship with them and they always answer the phone when we call. It’s made us great in the Carolinas

  101. All American Heating & Air – Paul Abrades

    I am very pleased with an equipment company as I was with proair. They were the most professional company I have done business with since moving to Florida over four years ago.

    Everyone associated with The proair took extreme pride in their products. All the way from Jeff who went over all my options.

    I will never use another duct cleaning supply company besides pro air.

  102. Palmetto Heating & Air LLC – Sheldon Palmetto

    Great customer service! They actually answer the phone 😉

  103. MR A/C – Jim Simmons

    Very pleased! We added this service and an doing very well with it

  104. Pur360 Mold Odor Removal

    You are so cool! So wonderful to discover someone with unique equipment
    Seriously..thanks for starting this up.

  105. Lakeside Heating & Air Conditioning

    If you want to make easy money – Here it is!

  106. Mold Masters

    Great addition to my remediation services, Jeff is the best!

  107. Carolina Comfort Air

    we have 3 systems and we will continue to add more. Tried many different equipment over the years – just simply superior

  108. Carolina Climate Control

    Best product, customer service & best price! Very promising

  109. Charlotte Heating & Air

    We added duct cleaning services to our Heating & Air Company because we get asked almost every day if we do Duct Cleaning! Well now we do and I can only say it has been the best move we have made in years! Besides the $$$ which has been substantial, We are now a complete Air Quality Service Company! Now about ProAir™, the equipment gets the job done! Best price, best quality that we could find on the internet! This tool has added 30% to our gross, 30 PERCENT!! Thanks for all your help!

  110. Mid-Florida Heating & Air

    Well, this changes everything! Added 7k per month average profit. perfect addition

  111. Sigrid Kriese

    Easy to use and effective at cleaning residential ducts

  112. All Star Heating & Cooling of Central Florida, LLC

    Best equipment on the market!

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