Duct cleaning is an essential need to keep the interior of the house well- ventilated. Ensure that the air exchange from the HVAC system to your rooms is healthy and clean; it is important to clean your house’s duct. Various Air Duct Cleaning Equipment is available in the market to facilitate cleaning. Furnace duct cleaning refers to cleaning the contaminants of the air duct, and these ducts allow the movement of air in and out of the furnace. Equipment such as a powerful vacuum removes every tiny bit of dirt and provides thorough cleaning. ProAir™ Industries ensures the proper installation of air ducts in every home. 

Five benefits of Furnace Duct Cleaning with ProAir™ Industries 

1. Removes stinking and pungent smell

2. Removal of toxicants 

3. Increases heating efficiency 

4. Long-lasting equipment 

5. Decreases the chance of breakdown

Pro Air Industries Inc. facilitates complete cleaning of air and furnace duct. You might not know that bacteria and other microbes tend to grow due to negligence in air duct cleaning. Our company provides a complete package of duct cleaning that is not only reasonable but also trustworthy.

Here is a list of products that our company offer

A complete Duct Cleaning device 

Our complete duct cleaning device is a piece of affordable equipment ready to clean the duct of your house with the least manual labor. It enables the cleaning of the complete HVAC system in your home.

  • Dual Motor Duct Vacuum System

The dual-motor enables cleaning that is no less than professional cleaning. This effective and powerful vacuum is light in weight, portable, and compact. It can run anywhere as the consumption is only 13.5 amps. 

  • Basic Duct Cleaning System

Best for carpet cleaning, Basic duct Cleaning System. It is generally used in residential as well as government buildings. 

  • Bio-Clean Sanitizing Duct Sprayer 

After a thorough cleaning of the air duct using the dual motor and vacuum, a disinfectant spray is an important process. BioClean Sanitizing Duct Sprayer gives 100% finish to your duct cleaning. 

Steps involved in cleaning ducts 

Removal of dirt and debris 


The first and foremost step is the suction of dirt and toxic air particles from the duct. This process is carried out by placing a piece of hose or a vacuum hose into the duct to whisking away all the dirt. It is done at every short distance to ensure proper suction of dust from the duct. At ProAir™ Industries, Inc. we assure you the best cleaning from our Dual Motor Vacuum system available at a reasonable price. 


After the suction of dirt and debris, the leftover dirt is made to blow outside. It is done by inserting a hose into the hose in reverse order. This process is the opposite of suction and hence blows out the dirt into the registers from every nook. 


Once the blowing process is completed, the ducts are brushed up to remove all the dirt that could not be cleaned using air or water. Manual brushing using a long brush enables efficient cleaning of the duct. The type of brush used depends on the size of your furnace or air duct. 

  • Disinfectant spray

Hand Cleaning: 

Hand cleaning is the last step involved in cleaning a duct. In the end, when the duct is all clean, there are chances of dirt accumulation on windows and rags, and that requires hand cleaning. 

Spraying disinfectant: 

It is important to use the disinfectant that is designed for your HVAC system. ProAir™ Industries Inc. provides disinfectant customized for your HVAC system. Therefore, our Bio-Clean Duct sanitizing sprayer comes at a very affordable price for easy disinfectant spraying. 

Designing an air duct system is necessary before the installation of the HVAC system. At ProAir™ Industries Inc., we help every customer with proper planning to design and install air and furnace ducts. If you require duct cleaning, visit ProAir™ Industries Inc. for all the pieces of equipment required for an effective and long-lasting furnace and Air duct Cleaning. ProAir™ is the top-rated duct cleaning equipment seller that sells products and provides easy and affordable services. We are Santa Ana, United States. Please do not neglect the duct cleaning process for a long duration because it might be harmful to health.