Creating a safe environment where your family can grow and flourish is a priority, but at the same time, home can be a repository of health risks if not managed properly. For instance, gas heaters and stoves, in the absence of proper ventilation, presence of irritants and pollutants, and more. However, the contaminants can be cleaned by air duct cleaning equipment with safety. 

We can prevent many of these accidents, and having a serious accident that you could have avoided can lead to guilt that can last forever. Accidents in homes claim 18000 lives each year in America alone. A quick guide to highlight some hazards in your home so that you can keep yourself and your family safe.


Injuries due to falls are one of the most usual hazards that are often ignored. One out of five older adults falls injures their bone or head. Wet floors, slippery stairs, and scattered toys all can be the reason behind falls. You can decrease the risk by putting on rubber mats or consider having the bathroom fully carpeted. Give the kids an easy way to stow toys and make sure the day ends without injury.


This is the leading cause of death in the home, and preventing your loved ones should be your priority. Keep all poison in a safe place, preferably on height. Never put poisons into unlabelled containers, and never assume that you can leave medication out because the packaging is childproof. Keep all drugs securely closed and away out of your child’s reach. 


The third biggest cause of the home accident is fire. Well, make sure you have fire alarms installed in your house and check if it is working properly or not on a regular basis. Be careful while cooking and never leave the stove, electrical items, and candle after use and never light them close to flammable materials. Keep matches and lighters away from children’s reach, and keep a backup plan that everyone knows to get out of the house; by this, you will be able to save your people, home, and belongings.


We all have plenty of sharp objects in the home that are necessary but can be lethal. So firstly, learn how to use knives safely, clean away sharp items immediately after use, and it should be out of reach from children.

Carbon monoxide

It is a silent killer and very dangerous; unlike gas, it can’t be detected by smell nor by color. But you can keep your family safe by keeping my instruction in mind. Ensure that you have a carbon monoxide detector near bedrooms. Do check your heaters and other applications once a year and send them for technician service.


Children aged from months to six can drown in just 3 inches of water; if you have a pond or pool, then it should be in a fenced area. Empty paddling pools immediately after use; don’t use your phone during bath time with your kid. Never leave your children in an unsupervised situation when water is around. 


Dishwashers are the best timesaving addition to any household, but they do pose a danger. Do not leave the dishwasher that is already loaded with detergent. It works at high temperatures, so always be sure that the dishwasher is properly locked so it cannot be opened in the middle of the cycle, which could give burns from steam and hot water. 


It could be very dangerous if you forget to keep key points in your mind. Children under 5 can choke on firm, round foods. Such as nuts, grapes, popcorn, and candy, so be careful while introducing all these items. Also, keep the object out of reach that a child could swallow. Make sure all curtain cords are tied open and don’t have any extra string. And keep your trash bag away from children. 

Insect bites 

A bite or sting by an insect can cause serious problems. Firstly check family members, pets, and clothing are for crawling insects after engaging in outdoor activities. Next, have a yearly inspection of pest to make sure that any issues of pets near the house are checked. Also, use cockroach baits and surface sprays along as they are used safely and away from pets and children. Sometimes a simple ice pack can bring some relief and visit the local hospital.


Awareness of this topic is essential, and this will help you in identifying and eliminating hazards that may exist in your homes. Home is the place where everyone wants to feel safe, and only we can make sure of that.