Ducts are important to keep the temperature down in the home. Contact an HVAC professional to help in maintaining the ductworks. Servicing ductworks are important. 

You may have seen frequent leaks, and these leaks cause condensation and moisture to develop and cause temperature change. When these issues arise, you need to insulate your ducts. Insulation helps prevent all of the above reasons and gives you a safe, secured, and comfortable home. 

So, contact an HVAC professional now and get your ducts insulated. Service them frequently and keep maintaining them. The right kind of insulation is of the utmost importance. 

Read below to find out why duct insulation is important. But first, understand the meaning of duct insulation.


Ducts are pipes that circulate heated or cooled air throughout the house. Duct insulation ensures that the air through the pipelines shall stay inside and not leak through any cervices. It also ensures that they remain at the desired temperature. 

Ducts are generally made up of thin sheets or fiberglass, and air can be easily leaked through them. Proper insulation shall ensure that the air stays inside the duct and passes through the pipes through all the rooms at the desired temperature.

Having duct insulation saves your electricity bills, less energy is consumed, and you get a comfortable, happy sleep. Insulations are more important in rooms which are not accessed often – basements, storerooms, ceilings, floors.  


Yes, it is. Insulating your duct saves you money and saves the environment in the longer run. HVACs are the most important part of your life to help keep you warm in extreme temperatures. So, do not neglect your comfort and stop paying more energy bills. 

Here are the reasons why the insulation of ducts is important.

  1. Helps prevent leaks, and temperature changed 

Insulation helps the cooled or heated air stay inside the ducts and stay in the desired temperature. When the air leaks, energy is lost, and the HVAC needs to work harder. 

Almost 10 to 30 percent of energy is wasted to keep up with the duct leaks and temperature changes. The HVAC system is the largest appliance in your home. Forcing it to work might cause wear and tear of the system and also causes over functioning.  

  • Less energy consumed – less electricity bill.

So more the energy consumed more shall be your electricity bill and is also harmful to the environment as well as your home. Energy should not be wasted.

As mentioned earlier, leaks can take up to 30 percent of energy. Hence, more utility bills. A simple insulation of the duct can help you save in the longer run.

A good insulation shall help in saving of energy. It also helps in stopping the leak of the heated or cooled air. There shall be no drop in temperatures and no condensation build-up. 

  • Helps in preventing condensation

When the hot air from the duct meets the air at room temperature, condensation occurs, and moisture is formed. Moisture is never good if it is formed inside of your house. Moisture gives way to moldy places, which quickly becomes the breeding ground for many insects. Proper insulation helps in preventing condensation. 

HVAC professionals recommend an R-value of a minimum of 5, and the highest value preferred is 8 for domestic duct insulation. The value depends on the location as well. Drastic temperature changing places might require an R-value of above 13. 

However, before you insulate your ducts, make sure to seal the leaks in your ductworks. Contact an HVAC professional. They use mastic to seal the leaks. Mastic takes a day to dry and works as the best seal. It doesn’t shrink or loosens.


Do not try to insulate on your way. It may prove to be hazardous. Contact a professional and they shall help you with the requirements.

  1. Fiberglass insulation

Fiberglass insulation is easy to install and replace when torn down. They absorb noise coming in from the ductwork and is cost-effective. These need to be inspected and maintained often. They run a risk of moisture absorption. 

  • Reflective duct wrap insulation

This kind of duct wrap is very stable and efficient. They are made up of foil papers with a bubble pack on the inside wrapped with polythene. This also makes it lightweight. They have an R-value of 5.6, which varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. They again do not run the risk of moisture absorption. 

Ducts are an important part of your lifestyle. HVAC systems are the largest appliance in your home, and hence, the more the energy consumed, the more the utility bill for the month. Now you do not want to pay more than is required. 

Insulate your ducts and save almost 30 percent of the energy which would have otherwise been wasted. This way, you are protecting both your home as well as the environment. 

Overworking your HVAC can cause overheating and might result in electrical faults. Overworking also destroys the machine in the longer run. It also leads to overheating of the device. All of these causes more energy consumption. 

So, help yourself and your family by insulating your duct with either fiberglass or reflective duct wrap. Service your ducts first before insulating.

Contact your HVAC professional and get them fixed. 

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