Air ducts are actually passageways for air circulation at your home. In simple words, these air ducts are responsible for maintaining the quality of your indoor air. These air ducts get dirty after a regular interval. So, you need to clean such air ducts with air duct cleaning equipment every now and then. These days, people are wondering whether it is right to clean the air duct or replace it with a new air duct.

When should you clean an air duct only?

The cleaning of air ducts is much more budget-friendly than air duct replacement. If you clean the excess dirt and dust from your air duct, it is good to go for another 1 year without any malfunctioning. These air ducts are generally made of metal, plastic, and other strong materials which are flexible enough to bend themselves. These air ducts are easy to clean also with proper air duct cleaning equipment.

When should you replace an air duct only?

If your air duct is heavily contaminated with mold, dust, dirt, etc., it will lead to severe damage to your air duct. Moreover, it is quite difficult to clean the nook and corners of your air duct. So, we think, for such cases, it is wise to replace the air ducts. Those who have old air ducts at their home should think about replacing those. Sometimes air ducts form leaks due to various reasons. If there is already any existing damage in your air duct, you will save the maximum amount of money by replacing the air duct. Let’s know about other signs of air duct replacement.

  • Poor airflow

Airflow is the most important part of an optimally functioning air duct system. When the air duct is clogged in some way, there will be an obstruction in the airflow. It will lead to high energy bills for your home. So, if you are getting poor airflow, maybe it is time to replace your air duct.

  • Poor cooling performance

Is your air duct showing trouble emitting cool air? If it is, you should call HVAC professionals to inspect your air duct and HVAC system. But, we suggest replacing the air duct for such cases of poor cooling performance. Mostly, these problems arise in the air duct.

  • Molds and odors

Are mold and foul odors from your air duct bothering you? Molds generally make the air duct unstable. So, if there is any sign of mold in your air duct, it is time to replace the ductwork completely.

  • Noisy operation

Sometimes air ducts cause some noises while the HVAC system is switched on. These odd noises do not represent any healthy and well-functioning air duct. So, whenever there is noise coming from your air duct, please consult with an HVAC professional immediately.

  • Improper air duct design

Sometimes, during the installation of an air duct, there remain some issues related to the structure of the air duct. These structural issues give birth to leaking in your air duct. So, if there is any such improper installation for your air duct, kindly replace the air duct. We prefer air duct replacement to air duct cleaning. But, we can tell you that if your air duct goes through proper cleaning every year once or twice, you don’t have to think about a replacement at all. A clean air duct will last longer than you can expect. But, if the condition of the air duct is beyond repair and cleaning, no matter how advanced air duct cleaning equipment you use, please replace the ductwork with a brand new one. Then, all you need to know is when it is time to replace the air duct and when to clean it only.