The safety of your loved ones and the home are both equally important. Ask any homeowner, and they would tell you that a clean and energy-efficient air duct system is of utmost importance in a home. 

By investing in regular air duct cleaning, you will reduce the chances of getting needless and harmful pollutants, dust, and dirt into your home. 

Both inspection and cleaning are mandatory for a clean, safe, and healthy air duct system. 

Well, speaking of air duct cleaning service providers, you must do thorough research before hiring the best one. As a wise consumer, you need to ask some important questions before hiring a professional air duct cleaner. 

The Series of Questions You Need To Ask:

Here’s a list of questions that we have prepared for you. Whenever you make up your mind to hire an air duct cleaning service provider, ask them beforehand. 

How long have you been in the air duct cleaning business? 

That’s just the beginning! You can ask them about their experience, reputation, and the list of clientele. Make sure you are choosing a service provider that has been in business for several years. They know the industry both IN and OUT. 

Do they have any specific references?

Before letting anybody enter your home, you need to ask for references. The service providers cannot enter your home without any reference. Ask for a list of clientele and see if you know anybody from the existing customers. Thanks to the digital world – people can check reviews of a service provider. The technicians should be trustworthy and experienced. 

Is there any hidden fee? 

Sadly, the air duct cleaning service industry is filled with scammers too. You need to hire reliable people to do the job. Please speak to the service providers whether they have any hidden fees or not. You must be sure that the cost they are quoting is the final price you will be paying. 

There should be no surprises later on. If they are quoting $50, it should be an all-inclusive price. Do they plan to charge more later on? You and the air duct cleaning service providers should be on the same page. 

Do you use harmful chemicals?

The whole purpose of hiring an air duct cleaning service provider is to protect your family from pollutants. The service providers should not be using any harmful chemicals that damage your property and the family. 

You can speak to them about whether they use chemical biocides or any other chemically induced products. Make sure the methods are EPA approved. 

Will my pets and family members be safe during the air duct cleaning process?

Air duct cleaning takes some time, and it can get messy. It would be best to ask the provider whether they use a cloth to keep the furnishings and floors dust and debris-free. 

The technicians will be wearing booties while working. This is a preventive measure for not getting any shoe marks on the floor. 

How do you carry out the task? 

Ask them about the guidelines they follow. They should be using advanced and up-to-date techniques to clean the air duct system. 

Are the chemicals/products they use safe and pet/child-friendly? Also, you can ask about the total duration of the cleaning task. 

Concluding Thoughts 

These were some of the most important questions you need to ask the prospective air duct cleaning service provider. 

Be clear about the fees, equipment to be used, and the guidelines. The whole process of hiring a service provider is that they will provide you exactly what they claim to offer. 

So, be a wise consumer and ask all the questions mentioned above. 

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