The air conditioners in your home or workplace use fiberglass filters that need regular changes to function at their best. But why is it so crucial to change these filters regularly? There are many reasons to replace these filters regularly. Also, cleaning them with proper air duct cleaning equipment is vital for the machine. 

Filters usually trap many dust particles and debris into them that leads to lousy operation and poor health. People typically feel that only cleaning it is vital. However, there is more to it, and if you have not replaced your filter for a long time, you must take a view at this article. If your filters look clean, that is great, but this part of your AC has short durability. The durability of a filter depends on its condition, material, and its capacity. This article will give you every insight on how and why you should change your AC filters. Read on to check if your Ac filter needs a change.


Why should you change your AC filter?

Regularly replacing the AC filter assists you in various means in your regular life. Also, dirty filters can lead to system failures and damage your air conditioner. So, it is crucial to replace the filter as and when needed. 

Reduces energy consumption 

We all know about how machines wear out if they fail to function smoothly. Similarly, if your air conditioner takes longer than usual to cool, you need to change its filter. Burdening your machine can cause severe damage and raise your energy consumption. Also, more consumption leads to high electricity costs. 

Even a little dirt in your filter can impact the entire functioning and cost you a fortune. So, it is crucial to note this factor and not wait for your filter to wear out before you change it. Moreover, changing the filter is one of the most effective ways to reduce your overall energy bill. 

Prevent breakdowns 

The more pressure your machine is going through, the sooner it will break down. Dirty AC filters can cause not just high bills but extra costs. Moreover, replacing your AC parts demand high costs. Also, dirty filters make the Ac ducts dry out quickly, which leads to cleaning expenses. So, it is vital to replace the filter with minimal costs than investing heavily later on.

Better quality of health 

A dirty filter does not just affect your machine but also you. Debris and other dust particles in your filter enter your home via the air conditioner. So, not just cleaning but replacing it is vital for good health. Clean filters give you fresh air to breathe and prevent the chances of severe infections. Poor quality of air in your home can lead to severe allergies and cause asthma. Also, replacement is very crucial to prevent deadly viruses from invading your home. Thus, change your filter regularly to keep your family or workplace healthy. 

Supports the environment 

Machines that do not function well and use double energy are indeed bad for our environment. Replacing the AC filter reduces the pressure of your device and helps it operate efficiently. Also, if your air conditioner takes a long time to cool, you need a filter change to reduce its energy consumption. So, take an eco-friendly move and bring a difference to your home as well as the surrounding. 

Reduces expenses 

A bad filter can lead to severe damages and increase all your expenses. You will notice a change in your costs when you replace your filter frequently. Assuredly it will reduce energy bills and future damage costs. Moreover, you will be able to make better savings by investing a little every month. 

How can you change your AC filter?

Before starting with the process, it is vital to select the right filter and then replace it. Use a high-quality, durable filter that will benefit you in the future and last for a longer time. Also, locate where the filter is present in the machine. Moreover, do not forget to put on gloves and a mask as they may contain harmful germs. 

Switch off the power button 

The first and foremost step assures you to be safe and thus turn off the power button before starting. There are two major causes to do this. First, touching these high-voltage parts can be life-taking. And secondly, your equipment may damage. If you remove the filter when the unit is on, the debris will enter into the system and be difficult to remove manually.

Detach the old filter  

Removing the old filter takes no time. Use gloves to slide the slot that holds the filter and simply remove it and keep it aside.

Check and dispose 

Do not dispose of the filter directly; check if it is damaged and then replace it with a new one. Filters that are just dirty do not require replacement. So, hold the filter in light and verify if it passes through it. If not, then your filter is clogged and needs to be replaced. Also, the durability of your filter matters, so you should take a quick view of it before doing any replacement. And then dispose of the old filter safely inside a bag and throw it into your trash.

Fit in the new filter 

Installing the filter can be tricky to follow. Your AC system has an arrow that shows you the direction of airflow. It is usually away from the return duct and close to the air handler. While you insert the filter into the system, ensure that these arrows point towards the air handler only. Performing this task can be easy with the proper guidance. Also, with the help of these steps, you will quickly change the filter without trouble. 

Replacing filters is vital for AC functioning. Moreover, they play a crucial role in your overall health and create a perfect environment inside your house. Changing your AC filters may cost you a ransom but will surely assist you in your future savings and profits.