Our body’s natural response to changing external environments may not work during the extremes. However, technology has helped us adjust to extreme heat and cold for nearly more than two decades now. 

However, technology costs money. The more we are dependent on it, the more we’re bound to spend. It is not feasible for you to stay in your AC-fied heaven 24*7 with the electricity bills soaring high. Leaning on to air duct cleaning equipment should be your first step, but what next?

Changing seasons might be messing with your home’s electricity consumption. Winters need a warm house, and summers require a cold hut. What do you do to keep a check on fluctuations? How do you adjust the bills and season changes?

In this article, we’ll discuss the possible reasons between fluctuating AC and heating bills and season change. 

Why is my AC bill high during summers?

Summer is all about cute summer dresses, chilled beer, beach getaways, and sunbathing. However, you can’t be living this dreamy life for all of the summer.

In the end, summer is hot. It’s sweaty, sticky, and uncomfortable. You’d spend one day on the beach, but a cool, mini Antarctica in your bedroom seems better for the next 6 days. 

But guess what? That mini Antarctica might cost you a fortune. As mentioned before, technology costs money, and money is limited. So, what do we do now? 

Do we burn in the scorching sun? Do we apply ice packs to beat the heat? Do we construct sandcastles to stay cool? 

No. We’re here to save you from the hassle. You may follow these simple tips to manage the electricity consumption of your air conditioning system.

Unplug, Unplug, Unplug!

Unplugging is a healthy habit we all should inculcate. It won’t only save you dollars but also provide for a better, sustainable Earth. 

You can’t switch off your AC unit during the daytime, but you can surely unplug all the other devices that aren’t in use. So the electricity bill you dread is not a product of just the air conditioning but all the other devices plugged into your home. 

The light bulb is on during the daytime? Unplug. Not using the washing machine? Unplug. Done with cooking on the electric stove? Unplug. Not using the charging port? Unplug. Not watching television? Unplug. 

This is the foremost and simplest way to cut down the electricity consumption and increase your savings. 

Keep It, Shady!

We are by no means asking you to indulge in “shady” behavior. We’re simply asking you to turn down the shades of your home.

Shielding the sun rays from entering your house will keep the interiors 1°-2° cooler. Remember, we’re taking all the necessary steps to save you from spending a fortune on electricity bills.

If possible, draw the blinds over all possible inlets for sunlight, especially during peak hours. That way, you’d have to keep your AC at 24°C rather than 20°C. The higher set temperature will keep the unit from working harder, reducing electricity consumption.

Be Cool, In A Smart Way!

Here’s a self-introspection pointer for you. Is there a need for your surroundings to be ice cold, or a comfortable, cool situation would work too?

Most of the time, we forget what our needs are and end up doing what we want. A mini Antarctica is not a need, a room cooler than the scorching heat outside is. 

If setting your air conditioning temperature at 23°C is just fine, don’t go for the 17°C. You will save multiple units of electricity if you become smart about using it wisely.

Be a Sleep Saver

No, we’re not asking you to save on your sleep. We’re asking you to save while you sleep. Again, is it necessary for the AC unit to run all night?

The temperature at night is lower than in the day. Therefore, you can set a switch-off timer for two hours after you fall asleep. Doing so will waive off unnecessary electricity consumption, and the low temperature at night will let your room stay cool for longer.

Clean Those Air Ducts!

Many of us miss out on the most important step, i.e., cleaning the air ducts. Be it the air conditioning unit or the furnace; the air duct supports their purpose majorly. 

Dirty, clogged air ducts lead to blocked airflow connections throughout the house. This would force your AC to work harder, consuming more electricity. The same goes for a winter furnace.

Blocked ducts will restrict the warm or cool air from circulating in the house. Hence, it is essential to keep a check on your home’s duct system. Get it cleaned every alternate spring, and you’d see the difference in your bills!


You can’t change nature’s plans, but you can definitely make your plans work. It is essential to understand that saving electricity does not only make your pocket heavier but also helps the environment. The above-mentioned tips can be applied to all electrical appliances, and you might save a fortune by being mindful.