Pictograms are present all around us. Be it on signboards or machines. So, if you are using the air duct cleaning equipment, you must identify everything about it to make the right use. Identifying them helps you use the machines efficiently and make yourself aware of the danger.  

The article will assist you in recognizing the hazard pictogram’s meaning and what it indicates. Read on to the end to get a clearer picture of the signs and work on your cleaning process accordingly. Cleaning is a risky task, and not everyone can complete it safely. One must have a precise understanding of every aspect to ensure that their work is completed successfully and without damage. The ducts and vents in your HVAC are tough but prone to damage. So, ensuring proper care is a must for getting accurate outcomes at all times. Know these pictograms and educate yourself to prevent chemical mishaps.    

What are hazard pictograms?  

Hazard pictograms are signs and indicators that indicate varied instructions. They alert individuals and make them aware of the presence of harmful chemicals. Further, these pictograms help identify that the chemicals we utilize for any process might be dangerous to humans or the surrounding. There are different types of hazard pictograms around us, primarily present on harmful chemicals or machines. So, if you carry out any cleaning process or perform them, you must know what each of these pictograms indicates. Reading them will help you understand how to clean and ensure the complete safety of your loved ones as well. 

What kind of products are labeled with hazard pictograms?  

Several products have hazard pictograms on them. However, there are some most common and basic products for cleaning purposes that include these symbols. Cleaning products such as sprayers, bleach, chemical liquids, laundry capsules and other cleaners are made up of strong chemical substances. Thus, whenever you clean a unit using them, you must take high precautionary measures to prevent injury of any kind. 

Many chemical products in your home are not extremely dangerous if you utilize them with the correct instructions. They all have indications or ‘pictograms’ labeled to simplify your task. So, reading them is essential to identify how to handle them and recognize the chemical content. Using these products can be tricky, so if you notice a product with a high chemical concentration, ensure you take all necessary measures to make it safe for use.  

Further, certain chemicals are highly attractive to kids and can be easily considered food or drink items. Thus, storing them in appropriate places is also necessary for ensuring complete safety. Always keep them out of reach for small kids and in a cool, dry place.  

Labels are the finest aid and help you check on dangerous chemicals. They indicate the threats and recommend the appropriate use of complete safety. 

Meaning & Sign  

There are certain signs that you must know about while using any cleaning product. We have listed hazard pictograms to consider before using or opting for chemical products for your duct cleaning process. Check every sign and its indication closely to know which product to use for the right purpose.  

Highly Toxic or Fatal 

Chemical products with a high concentration usually have this pictogram on them. The sign has a red square outline and a skull with bones pictured inside it. If you use this on your cleaning tools or products, know that you must use it with all precautionary measures.  

Comprises Gas under Pressure    

This sign includes a gas bottle outlines with a red square. It indicates that the product might cause burns or injury as it contains refrigerated gas. The sign is usually present on gas cylinders or specific equipment.    

Irritant or harmful to skin and eye    

Another most commonly found pictogram is this one. It has a simple exclamatory mark labeled inside a red outlined square. If you notice this, recognize to keep the chemical away from your body or out of reach of any living thing.  


A simple flame indication in a red outline square indicated a flammable product. Keep such chemicals away from burners, fires and gasses to ensure complete safety.  

 Toxic to environment    

You will also find this sign on most products. It is indicated in a red square outline comprising dead fish and a dry tree. Altogether it shows the product is not safe for your outer surroundings and is harmful.  


A sign with a burst cracker and a red outlined square indicates an explosive. Usually, this is on machines and tools used for varied purposes. Thus, whenever you notice it, use it with utmost care.    

 Severe burns and irritation    

Certain signs indicate burns and irritation, but that could be mild. Certain symbols show severe effects on the human body. So, if you notice a sign with a hand and an eye with two test tubes on them leading to burns, it shows severe hazards. The sign is outlined in a red square box and alerts a person for complete precautionary use.  

Basic precautions to avoid mishaps  

Some precautions you could use to prevent burning and other accidental mishaps are:  

  1.  Use gloves    

Always ensure you use gloves or even eyeglasses to prevent contact with the chemical. Doing this will keep you secure and cancel the chances of accidents.  

  1.  Check the Label  

Often a brief guide on use is mentioned. Thus, check on it closely to prevent any danger.  

  1.  Use in ventilated regions   

Avoid using the products in closed rooms to prevent serious issues.  

  1.  Inspect    

Check for leaks or any damages before using the product on the container or ducts. Any leaking can cause fire breakouts, so avoid it always.    


Using chemical properly is a must for security. Check on these hazard pictograms and ensure complete safety for your residence. They will assist you in completing your task safely and give accurate outcomes on every cleaning.