Air pollution is the most harmful type of pollution in the environment. The polluted air can make people sick within a short period of time. The contaminated air leads to various respiratory diseases. So, these days it is essential to keep your indoor air clean. Due to modern technology, today, people have air purifiers in their homes. They should keep their air ducts clean with the help of air duct cleaning equipment, thereby maintaining proper air quality at home. 

What are the reasons behind testing air quality in your home? 

·         Allergens

The allergens are the main reason behind the poor air quality index. These allergens lead to asthma and several allergic reactions. If you live near any high road or any factory, your indoor air quality will be pretty poor. There will be lots of allergens inside your home. So, those who are living in such areas should go for an air quality test. This test can detect different types of allergens in the air. After this detection, you just have to tell your HVAC cleaning professional what allergen you want to get rid of. To get rid of the allergen, you can take the help of the following types of air cleaners such as mechanical air cleaner, hybrid air cleaner, gas phase, ozone generators, and so on. 

·         Radon

Radon gas reduces the air quality of your home. This odorless radon gas can cause lung cancer as well. So, it is essential to test the air quality and check whether there is any radon gas present in your home. As radon is a harmful gas, please book a professional air quality testing service provider. 

·         Asbestos

Generally, older homes consist of asbestos. These asbestos particles remain there in the air and cause multiple diseases in the human body. This hazardous substance is capable of causing lung cancer, sneezing, allergies, asthma, and so on. So, book an asbestos inspector and his team will check the air quality as well. If there is asbestos detected in your house, the asbestos cleaning professionals will ask people to go for expensive asbestos remediation. 

·         Pesticides

Pesticides are also harmful to the human lungs. This pesticide reduces indoor air quality. These chemicals are generally used to eradicate insects from your home. So, it is essential to check the indoor air quality every now and then inside your house. 

How to improve the air quality after testing? 

There are several ways to improve air quality after in-house air quality testing. 

·         Detox with an air purifier

The air purifier keeps the indoor air free from allergens, pollutants, dust, dirt, and so on. Such an air purifier will improve the air quality of your house. This air purifier allows you to reduce your medical bills as well. 

·         Keep indoor plants

The plants are capable of generating oxygen inside your home. More oxygen will help the residents of that house breathe properly. Some indoor plants can improve indoor air quality as well. 

·         Use safe household products

These days, manufacturers are bringing in the market several cleaning products. These are cleaning vinegar, floor cleaner, and so on. All these cleaning products will ensure there is a sweet fragrance in your air. These cleaning items improve the air quality by getting rid of bacteria, unwanted pollutants, and so on. 

·         Use zero

VOC paint- Though, the zero-VOC paints are pretty costly in nature, they will keep the indoor air quality under a safe index. Such zero-VOC paints do not cause any odor in your house. As a result, your family will get to breathe clean air. 

·         Keep an IAQ monitor at your home

This in-house IAQ monitor will tell you the temperature and air quality index of the house. You can clean the air ducts with air duct cleaning equipment if the air quality indicates polluted air. 

So, everyone should go through an air quality test as it is dangerous to live in a house full of harmful air. There are various ways to get rid of such polluted air as well.

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