Many employee opportunities and roles are coming into the market. Likewise is that of an air duct technician. A professional technician must be well-versed in using the Proair duct cleaning equipment and tools. Learn how much a duct cleaning expert makes and the expectations needed to sign-up for this role.

This guide has gathered all the essentials you will need to know before becoming an HVAC technician. Read to the end and get all insights for the best benefit.

What is the primary role of a Duct Cleaner Technician?

Many duct cleaners must exhibit specific abilities to carry out their duties. There are certain potential competencies that we have identified while checking on resumes. Some of the must-have abilities are found mechanical talents, time-management skills, and physical strength.

Tips to Become a Duct Cleaning Technician 

One of the primary things to think about is how much education you need to become a duct cleaner. According to our research, 6.2% of duct cleaners hold a bachelor’s degree. However, we noticed that 0.6% of duct cleaners have master’s degrees, which indicates higher education levels. Even though some duct cleaners hold college degrees, becoming one requires only a high school qualification or GED.

Along with education, skill also plays an important role in this sector. For example, without skill, no company would hire a duct cleaning professional to work for them. Duct cleaners must exhibit accuracy so that there are no loopholes and offer precise services to keep infections at bay. Also, good organizational skills and time management abilities are a must. Planning the day and delivering the task in time with the best working outputs is needed for the business to expand. So, check on and prep with all the skills to provide services accordingly.

The Average Salary of an Air Duct Professional

The average annual wage for duct cleaners in the United States is $31,620, or $15 an hour. The top 10% of earners earn above $41,000 annually, while the bottom 10% earn below $24,000.

Average Salary of Duct Cleaning Technicians:

$31,620 Yearly

$15.20 hourly

Skills Necessary to Become a Duct Cleaning Technician 

You want your resume’s skills section to properly reflect your abilities because it could be almost as crucial as the experience section. Fortunately, we’ve identified every talent you’ll need, so you know what to work on even if you don’t currently possess them. For example, 32.2% of the duct cleaners whose resumes we examined mentioned duct systems, but soft skills like mechanical ability and time management are as crucial.

Technicians must have proper knowledge about the tools and equipment. It is necessary because if the equipment fails to work, the technician must know how to fix it temporarily. Also, knowing how to operate and apply the machines for correct cleaning procedures is vital. High-power devices in the wrong ducts can damage and cause add-on repair costs. Thus, it is important to hold precise knowledge in the field to avoid such instances.

Further, time management is a must. As we have seen, time managing and planning the day helps us use time efficiently. For example, without proper time management, the technician will spend the entire day working on duct cleaning, leaving the company and customer annoyed. Thus, to offer the right services, they must know how to manage their time and plan their day.

What Perks Does Professional Cleaning Services Offer to Users?

Getting ducts cleaned and sanitized by professionals offers quite a lot of benefits. Notice these effective aspects and offer the finest services.

Better Life For Air Units

Your HVAC system’s air handling unit is its beating heart. By maintaining the airflow, air duct cleaning services prevent the air handling unit in your house or place of business from working too hard.

Better Filter Life

Ensure there is no inflation in the air route while cleaning the air duct. It indicates that it is not blocked when it reaches the filter. Doing so will make the filter last longer than it would have otherwise.

Improved indoor air quality

You can rely on air duct cleaning services to ensure that the air quality in your home is healthy and that you are not breathing contaminated air. Airborne fungi and bacteria can cause allergies, discomfort, respiratory issues, and other issues. In addition, the air quality will be considerably better to breathe overall with less pollen and contaminants.

Spend less on energy bills

Heating and cooling activities run significantly more effective when the air ducts are clean and the system is unobstructed. As a result, your equipment won’t require as much energy when operating effectively. However, clean air ducts will undoubtedly impact your energy costs. More use of energy is necessary when contaminants force the HVAC system to work harder. As per professionals, this could cause you to waste 25% to 40% of your energy.

Determine Other Issues

The specialist should ensure that there are no other issues in your system by thoroughly and deep cleaning your air duct system. Cleaning the dryer vent, for instance, could stop lint accumulation and other debris that might pose a fire risk. Furthermore, inspecting the ductwork, the expert can find any leaks and fix them before they worsen.

Prevent Insects and Animal Nesting 

HVAC businesses are skilled at assuring that the systems they are evaluating are clean so they can operate efficiently. It includes ensuring that all ducts are clear to provide proper airflow. In addition, the HVAC specialist will be able to spot any animals or insects that have begun to nest in any of the areas and will offer removal advice.


Being a duct cleaning technician is a good decision for your career. Acquire the best profits and make a winning career decision. Check on all the skills and necessities of becoming a Duct Cleaning Technician. Start your own firm or work with a company for best practices. Get the best insights from the points listed above for the best knowledge.