Cleaning and maintaining air ducts is a must, and every homeowner needs to understand the factors relating to the maintenance of air ducts. Several factors are required to consider before you opt for cleaning the air duct. You need to take a look at several areas before you opt for air duct cleaning. Many homeowners love to opt for DIY systems and can opt for air duct cleaning equipment.

Need for air duct cleaning

No doubt, air ducts play a vital role in every home. It helps to circulate fresh and dirt-free air around the house and maintain comfort within the house. Hence, homeowners should never ignore the cleaning and maintenance of air ducts. The benefits of air duct cleaning are mentioned below. 

  • Cleaning of air ducts is always helpful in delivering clean and fresh in house. A well-maintained air duct enables the residents to breathe fresh air. 
  • Cleaning of the air duct will help to maintain its efficiency of the air duct. It will also help in the reduction of utility bills. 
  • Sometimes you may smell an awful odor if your air duct has not been cleaned for a long time. Regular maintenance of the air duct will eliminate foul smells. 
  • Different micro-organs can develop inside the air duct. Hence, it is necessary to maintain the air duct regularly to prevent the generation of micro-organs inside the air duct. 

Is DIY good for air duct cleaning?

Many homeowners feel that it is better to clean the air duct independently than hire a professional. But several risk factors are involved in the DIY air duct cleaning process. Every homeowner should understand the tools and process of DIY cleaning for air ducts.

All can check details about the professional tools which will help in DIY air duct cleaning. Professionals always use tools like HEPA-filtered vacuum cleaners, negative air machines, stiff-bristle brushes with long handles, etc. A professional also uses heavy-duty gloves and goggles to stay protected while cleaning the air duct. 

Consequently, every homeowner must have those above tools and safety guards while opting for air duct cleaning on their own. It is suggested to keep the machine under negative pressure so that it will stop preventing contaminants all over the house. This is done using a negative air machine and heavy-duty vacuum. 

Risk factors for DIY air duct cleaning 

Hiring a professional to clean the air duct will be pretty expensive. Hence many individuals opt for DIY cleaning of air ducts. Well, here, you may need to face several risk factors, which will all need to be considered. 

  • Damage to the duct

If the walls are thin and flex ducts are placed on thin walls, there is a huge possibility that these ducts will get damaged easily. The airflow can get reduced due to a tiny hole in the ductwork. There will be a high chance of spreading contaminants. 

  • Air quality not up to the mark

DIY dusting and air duct maintenance can improve the air quality up to a certain level. But DIY cleaning will not improve the air quality like professional cleaning. 

  • Expensive

Individuals opt for DIY cleaning to minimize the repair cost. But, if individuals don’t have authentic knowledge of air duct cleaning, it can cause extra expense. Individuals need to purchase different types of tools, and it will enhance their budget. 

How to clean air duct

Air ducts consist of different parts, and here all individuals need to gain knowledge about the different parts of the air ducts. Let’s check the different parts of the air duct before you opt for DIY maintenance. 

While cleaning the air duct, it is necessary to change the air filters regularly. Whenever you notice that the air filter is clogged, you need to replace it with the new one. Cooling coils and drain pans are required to be cleaned. It is necessary to clean the drain pans properly else mold can be generated inside these pans. 

The supply vents of the air duct should be kept sealed if any repair or construction work is going on in your house. Otherwise, dust can easily enter the duct and clog the supply vent. 

Besides repairing the air duct, it is also necessary to keep the duct dry for a long time. If the inner part of the duct is kept moist for a long time, it will help to grow mold. 

Preventive measures

Individuals who want to clean the air duct need to take necessary preventive measures. It is always recommended to wear heavy-duty gloves and a dust mask to keep you safe. Experts also suggest wearing goggles when cleaning the air duct. It is also suggested to change the air filter regularly. You also need to clean the air filter at regular intervals.