The data center is a dedicated space of a building that is entirely used for the proper placement of large computer systems and applications. The space is also used for maintaining other applications. The data center is also known as a server room, and it is available in different sizes depending on the requirement of every business operation.

These data centers are the prime storage place of essential computerized data, and these centers should always be kept dust free. Hence Proair duct cleaning equipment is required use for air duct cleaning. 

How often is air duct cleaning necessary for data centers?

Many well-established companies allot huge expenditures relating to the maintenance of a proper data center. Data centers contain a huge number of servers that preserve the confidential details of a company. The data center is a sensitive place for every company, and hence it is necessary to install an HVAC system inside the data centers. 

Every data center should be properly air-conditioned, and HVAC systems help to maintain the air quality inside these data centers. HVAC systems can control the air, humidity, and temperature of the data centers. Besides placing an HVAC system, it is also necessary to clean the air ducts at regular intervals. 

Data centers run 24*7 hours, and hence besides a proper cooling system, the place should be kept free from any type of air contamination for accurate service. Contaminants can cause bourn inside or can come from outside. Hence proper cleaning measures are required to consider at least once a week. 

Type of air contamination in Data center

Air duct cleaning is always a major part of the maintenance of data centers. Computer server rooms can have air contamination of different types. 

Server rooms’ air can get contamination via concrete dust. If the concrete is not properly sealed, it can release dirt into the air. Concrete dust contains chemicals, silica, and regular monitoring is necessary to stop flowing concrete dust into the air. 

Indoor air in the server room can also get contaminated due to ferrous metal particles, which are normally generated from old HVAC systems, printers, etc. These dust particles can cause damage to the electric circuit board, and this can lead to interruption to the productivity of the data center. 

Data center air can also get contaminated due to corrosive gasses. These gases contain sulfur dioxide, chlorine, nitrogen dioxide, etc. These corrosive gasses can contaminate the indoor air of the server room. 

You may have noticed corrosion or metal breakage inside the room, and this can be due to the consumption of chlorides or salt in the air. It has been noticed that data centers which are situated near coastal areas, mainly face this issue. 

Electrostatic dust, which generates from cloth or paper particles, is also responsible for air contamination in server rooms. 

Air duct cleaning process

No doubt, air contamination can create problems in the adequate performance of computer applications inside the server room. Experts suggest regular cleaning of the air duct for proper maintenance of the computer applications of the server room. 

Duct cleaning is a major process to remove dust, chemical, bad odor, and pollens from the air and keep the air healthy. Like residents, commercial houses also need to maintain indoor air quality to increase productivity.

Hiring professional 

Many feel that air duct cleaning is a DIY process, but air duct cleaning includes loads of areas to check; hence hiring a professional will be the best option. Only professional air duct cleaners understand the reasons for clogged air ducts. They will follow the below-mentioned processes to clean the air ducts. 

Inspection of air ducts

The technicians, at first, will inspect the air ducts, and this will help to identify the real problems of air contamination. Organizations that want to keep air contamination of the server room under control need to hire professionals to get the best result. The technicians do the entire check using advanced cameras to monitor the dust and pollen inside the air ducts.  

Once the technicians find any issues with the air ducts, they will start repairing the problematic areas of the air ducts. They will inspect the leakages in the air duct and will repair them as early as possible. The technicians will use advanced products to fix the air ducts’ leaks. 

Generate negative pressure

Creating negative pressure is necessary for the required air duct cleaning. Here it is necessary to use a large and advanced vacuum system for generating negative pressure in the HVAC systems. This vacuum system is also known as HEPA or High-efficiency particular air. The technicians will fix the vacuum hose to the duct and will create negative pressure to clean the air duct. 

The technicians will cut a hole in the duct to insert the vacuum hose in the air duct easily. They will seal the hole once the cleaning process gets completed. 

Clean the ducts

Once the technicians implement the negative pressure in the air duct, they will start cleaning every vent one by one. Trained experts will rotate the brushes and will compress air tools. They will look into whether dust is getting sucked properly into the vacuum cleaner or not. 

The technicians will also start cleaning the supply side of the ducts and the return outlets. This process will help to eliminate established dust into the prime lines in the air ducts, and dust will get sucked into the vacuum system easily. 

Cleaning the remaining parts of the system

Once the technicians start cleaning the HVAC system using a vacuum system, they will also do an inspection of the remaining parts of the system. They will clean other parts of the HVAC system using the handler’s blower motor, drain pan, and evaporator coil. 

The technicians follow an advanced cleaning system to clean the air duct system properly. They will also ensure that the server room is properly cleaned using advanced machinery. 


The importance of server rooms or data centers has increased over the years, and no organization should ignore the proper maintenance of data centers. Organizations need to hire professionals to keep the data center free from air contamination to enhance productivity.