Whether it is residential or commercial places, indoor air quality can never be ignored. Indoor air quality should always be maintained to avoid unnecessary health hazards for the residents. The health of every person depends largely on the air quality that we breathe. If the indoor air is not pure, it can cause serious health issues like asthma, allergies, skin problems and other health issues. Accumulation of pollen, dust and dirt in the air is common, and it is necessary to clean the air ducts at regular intervals to keep the indoor air clean and pure. 

Air compressors

Air compressors are widely used in cleaning indoor air. This machine helps in converting the power into dynamic energy with the help of compelling and condensing indoor air. You can notice the use of compressed air in different areas, such as

  • Operating pneumatic devices
  • Exaggerated Tires
  • Powering devices

Different types of air compressors

Air compressors are extremely useful in removing dust and pollen from the air. Many experts consider air compressors one of the most effective air duct cleaning equipment. Different types of compressors are available in the market. You can check below the most common types of air compressors. 

  • The most common air compressor is the Piston compressor. The compressor contains a piston to suck the air and compress the air. This compressor is available in the market in different sizes. One can use this compressor as per their requirement. 
  • Another commonly used air compressor is the Diaphragm compressor. The diaphragm inside the device helps in drawing and compressing the air. 
  • The next one is the Vane air compressor. This air compressor is available in different sizes too in the market. 

Top air compressors for air duct cleaning

Building up of dirt, pollen, and dust is not uncommon in air ducts, and it is always necessary to clean these air ducts to maintain healthy indoor air. Experts suggest using air compressors to remove the blockages inside the air ducts. A hose is connected to the air compressor, and it helps to remove the dirt inside the air ducts. If you are looking for the top air duct cleaning compressor, you can check here the necessary details. 

60 Gallon Air compressor- Industrial Air

This air compressor has been widely used in recent times. This device comes with a huge tank that can hold 60 gallons of dirt from the air vents. This device can maximize the pressure up to 170 psi, and it helps in operating the ultimate air-filled accessories effectively. The device is made with advanced anti-heat protection technology, which helps the device stay cool while operating. 

This air compressor can deliver airflow at 13.5 cfm, and it helps this compressor in sucking air ducts easily inside the air ducts. A heavy 60-gallon tank is used to operate the air tools for a long time. As per experts, this air compressor works perfectly in air duct cleaning. Prime benefits for which Industrial air compressor is preferred are 

  • You can easily operate this device
  • Operators can understand the settings easily
  • It creates unbelievable compression to perform the rigid job without hassle. 

However, the probable disadvantage of an Industrial air compressor is that it is heavyweight, oversized in size and costly. 

60 Gallon Vertical Air compressor- Runner Up Quincy

No one likes to stay in a room with filthy and smoky air. The collection of air ducts is the prime cause of unhealthy indoor air. Excellent building up of dirt and pollen inside the air ducts stops fresh air from coming inside the house. Here it is necessary for proper cleaning of air ducts, and air compressors work the best in cleaning air ducts. 

Experts suggest using a 60 gallon Quincy compressor, which seems to work perfectly for air duct cleaning. This device works at 175 psi and works great on inflated equipment. This device can operate on multiple too at a single time and can produce high pressure. It can also maximize the airflow rate. Operators also find this device easy to function. However, due to its heavy weight and high cost. 

60 Gallon 2 stage Air Compressor- Campbell Hausfeld

Campbell Hausfeld, another 60-gallon air compressor, is extremely preferred for use within factories having huge air duct systems. This device is perfect for DIY methods. This air compressor requires oil to operate as it is an oil-lubricated machine. 

The device comes with a two-stage structure, and this helps air ducts to get rid of all debris. The prime cause for selecting this device is its vertical design. The machine takes up less space due to its design. The device generates huge pressure and airflow. Operators also prefer this air compressor as this is simple to use. 

However, experts have noticed some disadvantages of this device, like high cost, heavy weight and louder than other air compressors.  

Ingersoll Rand- SS5 60 Gallon Air Compressor

Air duct cleaning always requires huge pressure to remove dust and pollen from the air ducts. So, it is always necessary to use an air compressor that can produce huge pressure to clean dust from the air ducts. 

You can use Ingersoll Rand SS5, a 60-gallon compressor which can generate almost 175 psi air pressure. This air compressor is capable of removing huge amounts of dust with high air pressure. Experts mainly prefer this device as it can run quietly and can generate huge pressure. This device also comes with advanced technology for auto-shutoff as soon as the pressure reaches the maximum level. Well, some users have complained about the delayed shipping process of this air compressor.  

California Air Compressor

If you are in search of a portable and lightweight air compressor, California Air Compressor or Air Tool seems to be the best option. Experts prefer this device for air duct cleaning due to its lightweight and extremely silent working. This device is easy to carry due to its portability. The only disadvantage of this device is that it cannot operate multiple pieces of equipment at the same time.  


Air duct cleaning is comprehensive for air duct cleaning and maintenance of the purity of indoor air. Using top-notch and advanced air compressors is essential to avail the best support for air duct cleaning.