Indoor air quality always plays a vital role, like outdoor air. Like outdoor air, indoor air can also stay infected due to pollution. Many homeowners like to install air ducts to keep the indoor air fresh and pollutant-free. However, the mere installation of air ducts is insufficient, and you need to take care of these air ducts. Experts suggest that every air duct should be repaired and maintained regularly using Proair duct cleaning equipment.

Benefits of air duct cleaning and its impact on the environment

The air duct makes a connection between the air vents and the HVAC system in the house. The HVAC system pulls the air through the vent. It keeps the air either cool or heat. Hence the air duct should get cleaned and repaired to maintain the indoor air quality. Let’s check the probable benefits of air duct cleaning. 

  • Improvement in air quality

Individuals often feel that indoor air is free from pollutants, but it is not at all. Indoor air gets contaminated by carbon monoxide, dust, unstable chemicals, pesticides, etc. Regular maintenance of air ducts will keep the air fresh and free from pollutants. 

  • HVAC’s increased efficiency

Dust particles often disturb smooth air passing. This increases the load on the HVAC unit, and it works harder to keep the air fresh. Regular maintenance of air ducts will increase the efficiency of the HVAC system. 

  • Remove odors

Your house can have different types of odor, and often these smells can get stuck inside the duct. These smells keep circulating throughout the entire house until you clean the air duct. Many times the growth of bacteria can also lead to a foul smell. Proper cleaning of this air duct help to remove the foul smell to keep the air fresh. 

  • Clean environment

Indoor air should always remain clean and healthy. If furniture and other accessories often catch dust, you need to call a professional to clean the air duct. 

  • Remove microorganisms

If you reside with elders and kids, it is always recommended to clean the air duct. Air ducts can hold varied microorganisms, which can adversely affect health. 

Tools to use for professional duct cleaning 

At present several advanced tools are being used to repair the air duct. Individuals can use these tools to clean the air duct. 

  • Duct access tools

While cleaning the ductwork, it is necessary to access several points. It is required to use small tools to drill different areas to get access points. 

  • Equipment for duct inspection

Different types of duct inspection tools are currently available in the market. A professional should use Anemometers, Barometers, tools for testing duck leakage, hygrometer, Borescope, etc. 

  • Vacuum tools

Vacuum tools are considered one of the most significant pieces of equipment during ductwork. These tools generate negative pressure on the air duct. This equipment collects all debris inside the duct and ensures healthy air inside the house. 

  • Brushes for ductwork

While cleaning the air duct, duct cleaning brushes play a vital role. These brushes help to clean pollens, debris, and small dust particles inside the duct to keep it clean. Advanced technologies have added more features to duct cleaning brushes.

  • Air compressor

Professionals also use air compressors that deliver the necessary air to various cleaning devices. 

Cleaning process of air duct

An HVAC system comes with several parts, of which the air duct is the most important. 

Cleaning the air duct means clearing dust particles from an HVAC system. Individuals often consider cleaning the air duct on their own. However, this cleaning and maintenance work comes with several methods. Sometimes, it may not be possible for a novice to maintain the air duct and need to call a professional. The necessary methods for air duct cleaning are mentioned below.

Duct inspection

Duct inspection is the first step to cleaning the air duct. Technicians will inspect the air duct first using the camera.

They will amend all problems related to ducts. This inspection helps to repair all leaks and damage inside the duct. 

Remove the sources of contaminants

While cleaning the air duct, professionals also pay attention to removing the origin of contaminants. Experts use advanced tools to untie the chemicals from the facades of the air duct. Professionals use brushes and air whips to clean the debris. They also use a hand brush to remove debris from the duct.

Generate negative compression

This is another important step to follow in cleaning the air duct. Professionals use vacuum equipment that helps to produce negative compression on the system. Technicians will hook the vacuum tube to the air duct, enabling collect all debris. 

Clean the entire system  

While cleaning the HVAC system, you need to clean all parts of the system. Besides the air duct, experts also need to clean the drain pan, evaporator coil, and blower motor. 


The above details show how cleaning an HVAC system is necessary to keep indoor environments healthy and free from pollutants. Individuals must consult professionals before opting for air duct cleaning and maintenance work.