We want to explain the importance of indoor air quality and air filters to you in these crucial pandemic times. The right air duct cleaning equipment is all you need to be safe. Sadly, since the spread of the plague, there has been chaos and confusion about it. Also, some people are taking advantage of it and benefiting themselves.

Hence, it is vital to identify and be aware of these fake treatment schemes. Further, some fake companies also threaten customers by showing them the false effects of ignoring air filtration clean-ups. Surely, it would help if you changed filters with time. Yet, at the same time, also recognizing everything about them is critical.

The first point to ensure is to listen to authorities and specialists. World-famous organizations like WHO (World Health Organization) and the CDC (Center for Disease Control) update their site constantly with fresh new information regarding the crisis. Thus, if you want authentic data, you can see their sites. Further, following the guidelines they have laid regarding hygiene and social safety is very crucial. Each person must follow it to protect the spread and prevent vulnerable populations around them.

How can Air Filters help with Indoor Air Quality?

Air filters are the finest parts of a cleaning tool that trap harmful pollutants and prevent their entry. Yet, it is vital to know that to date; no filter can reliably claim to trap the coronavirus. It is because viruses are lesser than 1 micron and very minute in size. Thus, it is difficult for even fine filters to trap these particles and block their way.

However, filters can easily trap common harmful pollutants. Also, filters with high ratings and certifications can even capture particles as tiny as cigarette smoke and bacteria. In this way, air filters make the air around you much healthier and cleaner to breathe.

Moreover, the most common transmission method of the virus is via physical interaction with an infected individual or by coming in contact with droplets on surfaces. Air filters cannot do anything to prevent it. 

What does ‘Healthy Air’ mean?

A proper air filtration system can benefit your respiratory health in several ways. Millions of deaths take place because of pollution each year. Experts at WHO tells us that 90% of people across the globe regularly breathe harmful and polluted air. Sadly, just staying in your home does not help you breathe clean air either. Even when you are in your home, you need proper HVAC cleaning and other processes to breathe healthy air at all times.

Which are the two kinds of Air Filters?

Air filters have two common types. The most popular and known type is called HEPA. These filters have a basic concept that many know about. But, they are not like thin pieces of coffee filters, but a few inches of fibreglass woven together to block the particulates in the air.

Next, the other type of filter that you will come across is the UV filter. This filter is not very common and uses violet light to block particles. UV claims to have disinfectant properties that can kill any virus or bacteria and block it from entering space. Hospitals have been using this technology for quite a few years now. But today, it is also becoming a common practice in homes.

Can Air Filters help trap COVID-19?

Air filters might not be the only way but are effective in blocking some percent of the virus. It would help if you replaced the air filters of your apartment once in 2 months. Yet, remember that they cannot trap everything. Also, mold and grime build up and accumulate in your ducts over time. So, this factor also forces the air filters to operate efficiently.

Luckily we have an apt solution for you. Cleaning the air ducts can prevent germs. By doing so, fewer pollutants will disrupt your health. Also, you will get pleasure and fresh smelling air for your entire space. Further, it is also vital to know that the freshness of the air in your home decides the hygiene quality of your residence. Dust and other filthy particles invade your private space via unclean ducts.

We suggest protecting your homes entirely from the deadly virus and keeping it safe at all times. Follow all the guidelines showcased by CDC and WHO for best outcomes. Altogether, filters can reduce the risk to a certain extent but cannot dismiss the virus. Thus, knowing this is important to keep yourself safe from fraud cleaners.


Keeping your home clean during these crucial times is important. Know and follow the correct practices to be protected and keep infections distant. Check the guidelines mentioned above to keep your homes safe from fraud invaders and COVID.