Taking care of indoor air is mandatory for maintaining better health for the residents in the house. Like outdoors, indoor airs also carry pollens and chemicals, which are the prime cause of health deterioration. So, if you have HVAC within your home, it is necessary to clean the air ducts at regular intervals using Proair duct cleaning equipment. 

Air duct cleaning is the process of removing pollutants and other particles from the components of an HVAC system. If your house has central cooling or heating system, it is necessary to clean the air ducts in the room. Duct cleaning includes the removal of chemicals, dust, mold, etc, from the air ducts. 

Signs of duct cleaning requirement

AC ducts are not required to get cleaned all the time, but air ducts should be examined from time to time. All need to check the following points relating to the requirement of HVAC cleaning. 

Once you notice molds are developing inside the ducts, you should get ready for a duct cleaning process. All the particles are required to be sent to the laboratory for testing to confirm that they do not resemble the mold. 

If you notice rodents or other insects invading the HVAC system, it is necessary to take the necessary steps to clean the air ducts. Cleaning of air ducts will stop the spreading of germs and foul smells. 

Sometimes, you also may notice fragments or dust particles spread into the air from the supply outlets. If this situation occurs, you need to clean the clogged ducts to stop spreading pollutants in the air.

Step-by-step guidance for air duct cleaning

Air duct cleaning is an indispensable cleaning service for every residential house to maintain high air quality. Residents often feel that they can do the duct cleaning on their own, but it is not that. It is necessary to consult with professionals to get the best service in duct cleaning. 

Inspection of the ducts

At first, it is necessary to inspect the air ducts and check the consumption of debris inside the air ducts. Sometimes leakage in the air ducts can cause problems in adequate supply of air. Technicians will inspect the air ducts before starting the cleaning process. 

Negative pressure Vacuum

Generating negative pressure is one of the most effective ways to clean the air ducts. It is necessary to use negative pressure following some techniques. At first, the hose of the vacuum device is fixed to the duct near the air handler. Now the technician will make a hole in the air duct so that the vacuum hose can get fixed inside it properly. Now the technician will seal the hose and turn on the vacuum system. This will generate negative pressure. 

Dust cleaning

Once the vacuum hose is fixed to the air duct, the technicians start the process of dust cleaning. Besides the hose, a revolving brush and air whipping tools are also used to clean the air ducts. 

Cleaning the entire system & the furnace

Experts always suggest vacuuming the entire HVAC system and the furnace while cleaning the air ducts. Technicians will also clean dust and other particles from the drain pan, evaporator coil, blower motor, etc. 

Benefits of air duct cleaning

The presence of air ducts is essential in every house for proper air circulation. It is always necessary to clean the air ducts to keep the indoor air quality pure and pollution free. Residents must also know about the benefits of air duct cleaning. 

  • Maintain a better air quality

Many feel that indoor air is less polluted in comparison to outdoor air. But indoor air carries dust, carbon monoxide, pet dander, dust, etc, which makes the air pollutant. Residents breathe these pollutants and suffer from varied health issues. Hence it is necessary to clean the air ducts to stay away from these contaminants and maintain hygiene in the room. 

  • Reduces allergens

Besides dust, indoor air often contains several micro-organisms and other harmful contaminants. It has been noticed that those who suffer from allergies, asthma, and other respiratory problems, can suffer from serious health hazards. On-time cleaning of air ducts will help residents to stay healthy and free from allergic infections.  

  • Removing unpleasant smell

Indoor air can also get contaminated with foul smells. Painting, carpentering, pets, use of tobacco, and cooking oil are some common sources of foul smell, and the smell started flowing inside the room due to the running of the air conditioning system. Hence it is necessary properly clean air ducts so that these can remove the filthy smell flowing inside the house. 

  • Easy breathing

Air duct cleaning is indispensable whether or not anyone of you suffers from any respiratory or allergic problems or not. Regular cleaning of air ducts will keep the indoor air quality clean and helps residents to breathe easily. It has been noticed that a healthy person can also get infected via dust or pollens circulating in the air. Dust, chemicals, and other harmful particles can cause sneezing and respiratory problems even in a healthy person. Air duct cleaning promotes healthy indoor air and helps residents to stay healthy. 

  • Enhance HVAC life span

Cleaning the air duct is not only necessary for keeping the indoor air clean, but ductwork also helps in maintaining the HVAC system. Once dust and particles start building up inside the air ducts, the HVAC system needs to work hard to keep your house cool or heated. If the HVAC system works harder continuously, its efficiency of working will get slower than normal. Regular maintenance and cleaning of the air duct will enhance the efficiency of the HVAC system. 

Selecting an air duct cleaning service provider

To enjoy fresh indoor air, no one can ignore the cleaning and maintenance of air ducts. It is necessary to consult with professionals to get the best service in air duct cleaning. You need to do research about air duct cleaning companies and check their experiences. Many companies maintain websites that share relevant information relating to ductwork services. All you need to do is verify the information and consult with professionals for the best service.