Homeowners who have air ducts at their homes must be aware of the cleaning and maintenance of air ducts. As per experts, air ducts should be cleaned every 2 to 3 years. Regular cleaning and maintenance are necessary for the better health of the residents of the house. If these air ducts are cleaned properly, children and pets can suffer from allergies and other health issues. Individuals need to understand air duct cleaning equipment available in the market so that they can keep the air ducts well-maintained at home.

Equipment for air duct cleaning

Different types of air duct cleaning equipment are available in the market at different prices. Individuals can check these types of machinery with the necessary features. 

  • Dual Motor Vacuum

This vacuum cleaning system will help in deep cleaning the air duct. This equipment is considered good for its stunning features like superior power, durability, and extended cleaning facility. 

  • Duct inspection equipment

Whether you do the duct cleaning on your own or appoint an expert, it is necessary to inspect the entire duct cleaning system. An advanced camera or periscope is available to inspect the problem of the air duct. 

  • Debris collection machinery

Vacuum tools are used to generate negative pressure in the duct system, and it will not allow dust to travel back through the vent. 

Factors to consider while choosing air-duct cleaning equipment

Duct cleaning equipment is essential to remove the containment in the duct. Cleaning the air duct regularly will keep the air fresh and dirt free. At present, different types of air duct cleaning equipment are available in the market at varied prices. Here homeowners can purchase any equipment depending on their budget and requirements. Factors that should be considered before buying air duct cleaning equipment are mentioned below. 

  • Equipment weight

Duct cleaning equipment is available in different sizes and designs. Different companies offer varied equipment. Again these tools have differences in their weight. Here it would be best if you consider whether these tools are portable or not. Components that are attached to the duct cleaning equipment measure their weight of it. Here the homeowners need to consider whether they need to relocate to other places often due to their profession. If so, then they need to opt for portable devices for duct cleaning. A duct cleaning tool having lightweight is always the best option to clean the air duct without hassle. 

  • Do more research

Homeowners are always suggested to conduct necessary research work before buying air duct cleaning tools. Once you do the necessary research work, it will help you to find different types of duct cleaning equipment of varied ranges. It will lead you to make the necessary comparison between this equipment and all can get reliable information. 

  • Verification

Once you buy a duct cleaning tool, it is necessary to verify whether these tools have passed the required standard. 

  • Type of equipment

Many homeowners opt for a DIY duct cleaning system, and they need to understand the specifications of the system according to the air duct system. 

  • Affordable or not

When you are going to buy tools for air duct cleaning, you need to plan according to the budget. It is also suggested to compare the prices of two or more duct cleaning tools before buying one. 

Besides you buy the above equipment, you can also opt for rental equipment. Many agencies are there that offer the best tools at the best rent. 

When should you clean the air duct?

As per experts, duct cleaning should be done at regular intervals. Regular cleaning of air ducts will keep the fresh and free from the foul odor. This is beneficial for cleaning the heating and air conditioning systems. Many often enquire about the time when they should clean the air duct. 

  • One should clean the air duct when any family member suffers from allergies, etc
  • If you have pets at home, you should hire a professional to clean the air duct. 

Hiring professional vs DIY

Many homeowners feel that they can clean the air duct on their own. No doubt, if you are going to hire a professional, it may cost more than your budget. But professionals always use advanced cleaning tools that help in the intense cleaning of the system. Hiring a professional duct cleaning is recommended due to the following reasons. 

  • Air ducts are always a safe place for rodents. Only professionals can only remove these rodents from these air ducts. 
  • Sometimes air ducts can have unnecessary mold growth. Professionals can clean these molds easily. 
  • Many times you may smell the foul odor from the air ducts. Homeowners may not have an idea about the perfect cleaning machinery to get rid of this foul smell. Only professionals can help you to get rid of this problem. 
  • If the air duct has got short-circuited, you should not open and clean it on your own. Here it is always suggested to call a professional for the best result.