A dryer vent is a boon to humankind. Clothes can be dried manually in a machine. But again, when not maintained properly, modern electronics are not dependable. We tend to ignore maintenance until the device malfunctions, or something breaks generally. 

Regular cleaning of the vent is ideal. However, daily cleaning might not be possible, and you may clean them weekly or monthly as you get time. But do maintain it, often. If you think your vent needs some serious cleaning, do call for professional help. 

However, cleaning the lint is not the only maintenance that your dryer vent needs. A clogged dryer may also cause dangerous problems. 

Maintenance can prove to be quite difficult, and many may ignore it. But servicing a dryer vent is important. Let this article change your mind around.

There are many reasons why keeping your dryer vent clean is important, but first, you need to know how a dryer vent works.

How does a dryer vent work?

A dryer vent pushes out hot moist air so that your clothes can dry. If the outside is blocked, the air won’t be able to throw out moisture like it was intended to, and the trapped moisture will take more energy to evaporate. Hence, more energy consumption.

Reasons to clean a dryer vent:

Clothes will take a longer time to dry

Clothes will take a longer time to dry. Since the outside of the dryer is blocked by lint or anything, the air won’t surpass moisture. More heat is required, which would be hard on the dryer, as well as your clothes. The dryer runs a risk of getting damaged. 


Lint is highly flammable. A clogged vent can cause carbon monoxide to collect in your house. A blocked vent will emit a lot of polluted gas. 

Overheating of the dryer

Also, the dryer runs a risk of overheating. The dryer is not supposed to be hot either. Do understand that it is a case of overheating. You are unnecessarily putting a strain on your dryer. Heat damages any instrument. 

Can cause an electrical fire

The lint caught up in the dryer is flammable. It might catch fire. There have been several cases in the US of fire igniting through dryer vents. The National Fire Protection Agency reports at least 15,000 fires through dryers every year. 

The lint in your dryer has proved to be a disaster. In addition, overworked dryers can easily blow a circuit and start an electrical fire. 

Dirty vents attract an infestation

A dirty vent is also responsible for viruses, bacteria, rodents, and insect infestation. Lint deposits in and around the vent is a great place to invite pests. Rodents love these places. This becomes a great breeding place. When your dryer vent is clogged, moisture is collected, making the vents wet or even form puddles. The lint extracted, mixed with the humidity, gets moldy, which is even more difficult to clean.

Clogged vents require more money

As mentioned earlier, a clogged vent requires more energy. The more the energy consumption, the more the bill. Clogged vents take 30% more power to dry the clothes. Pushing it to perform will result in your increase in the utility bill. This also results in a shorter lifespan of your dryer.

Benefits of cleaning your dryer vent:

Dryer efficiency & lifespan

For a longer lifespan and efficiency of your dryer, you need to service it often. The dryer will malfunction if the lint is not removed and cleaned, the vent is clogged. It will consume more energy and may overheat, decreasing efficiency and lifespan. 

Utility Bill reduction

Dryers require twice the amount of energy if lint is deposited or the vent is clogged. The electricity bill increases if you keep using your dryer in bad condition. More of a reason to keep cleaning your dryer vent!

Clothes dry faster

Clothes not only dry faster but also help keep the fabrics in good condition. A functional dryer vent runs the way it was meant to be. The moisture is not collected in the vent, and the hot air can pass through. The vent is not overworking, and hence, the clothes are not destroyed. 

Indoor Air Quality

When the dryer vent is clogged, the hot, moist air cannot pass through it, and the atmosphere is collected inside of your house. The air is filled with polluted gases, and your home’s indoor air quality suffers. Poor indoor air quality is bad for your children’s health or, for that matter, your own.

All the above problems can be avoided only if you regularly clean the vent. Clean it yourself often, or if you need serious cleaning, call a professional. Regular cleaning of your dryer vent saves you a lot of money. 

Call a professional once in 6 months and call an HVAC professional. They shall ensure that the dryer vent is not clogged, or the lint deposited is cleaned. They shall also help service the dryer and make sure that they run well. If there are repairs to be done, they shall make sure of it as well.

To keep safe – yourself, the dryer vent, and the environment in general, cleaning the dryer vent is of utmost necessity. Proper maintenance shall ensure work efficiency and lifespan of the dryer. 

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