Do you identify as a person who is extremely conscious about their surroundings? Or do you take special care about the purity of the air in your home and the cleanliness and hygiene? If yes, then you might be well aware of a UV Light-stick. It helps your home and family stay safe from infectious microbes and germs.

This article will give all the information you need about the bio-fighter germicidal UV light-stick, from what it does to how it does. It will also tell you if it is worth buying it.

What Is a Bio-Fighter Germicidal UV Light-stick?

A bio-fighter germicidal UV light-stick is a light-stick that uses UV rays to kill the germs in its surroundings. UV rays are well-known and used for their germicidal properties. Many germicidal solutions take the assistance of UV rays to kill off the germs. Even air-conditioning and purifying systems installed in the homes use UV light to free the air from germs.

Why Do We Need A Germicidal UV Light-stick?

Since undergoing lockdown and work-from-home restrictions, most of us have been staying in homes only. Spending all our time confined within our homes, we interact with the inside air 24/7. Hence, it is necessary that the air we interact with is pure and doesn’t contain harmful germs. That’s where a germicidal UV light stick comes into play.

How Does It Eradicate the Germs from The Air?

It is pretty simple. UV rays have a very high frequency. Consequently, they are highly energetic too. When they come in contact with the microbes, they penetrate their cell walls and do internal damage. They also harm the genetic structure of the microbes, ultimately killing them. If not killed, the damage renders them unable to further reproduce, to the very least.

It is the property that makes UV dangerous for our health but can be used for our benefit. The working is described below in detail:

  1. The light-stick emits UV rays instead of visible light when given the electrical input.
  2. The emitted UV rays come in contact with the air surrounding the light stick.
  3. The microbes present in the air interacting with the UV rays also come in contact with them.
  4. UV rays inflict irreversible damages on the microbes, either killing them or stopping their reproduction.

What Are Its Input Requirements?

They nearly use the same energy as a 40-watt bulb.

What Are The Best Places To Install It?

Some of the best places you can install the UV light-stick in your home or office are:

Places where there is a possibility of the presence of mold spores.

Humid areas in your home, like drain pans of the refrigerators or air conditioners, are the perfect places for the breeding of mold spores. Places, where the water is prone to collect, are perfect for the growth of mold spores. UV light-sticks should be used there.

In the air-conditioning system:

The best way to use these light sticks is in such a way that all the air coming into your home gets purified. Installing them in the air duct of the air-conditioning system in your home and office is the best. All the air intended to enter the home will pass through the UV light inside the duct, killing nearly all the germs present in it.

Should You Keep an Air Filter After Installing The Light-stick?

Yes. You have to use these light sticks along with a dust filter or electronic air cleaner. Filters are, however, ineffective at dealing with tiny germs, molds, and viruses. They cannot prevent mold growth on a surface. The Bio-Fighter Germicidal UV Light system significantly reduces the number of tiny microbiological organisms that pass through filters and, ultimately, enter the main air stream.

Tips To Install These Light-sticks In Your Home

You might find a million ways to install these light-sticks by yourself on the internet. However, the best way to install it is to not do anything. Instead, let a professional handle this. Every HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system is unique. Therefore, a professional educated in UV-C light use and application should select and install the Bio-Fighter Germicidal UV Light System according to your needs.

How Many Light-sticks Should You Install in Your Home?

In most cases, one light is enough to keep microbial development on the coils and in the drain pan under control. The size of the light utilized should be proportionate to the amount of space available in the coil and drain pan areas.

How To Maintain a Germicidal UV Light-stick?

Just like other devices, UV light-sticks also require maintenance.

  1. Due to generally being installed inside the air duct of an air-conditioning system, dust accumulates on them pretty quickly. Hence, it requires a proper cleaning every 3 to 6 months. But again, the cleaning should only be done by a professional to avoid any damage to the light stick.
  2. However, if you don’t want to add an unnecessary responsibility of cleaning them, you can buy a dust-free light-stick. They are abundantly available in the market.
  3. Apart from that, the UV light bulbs tend to run out of order. However, they are replaceable, so you can buy another and replace it. It will resume working just fine.

Is It Worth It to Buy These UV Light-sticks?

Yes, they are. Breathing in pure, germ-free air won’t hurt. After going through the insane amount of pollution outside, you don’t need to worry about the air inside your own home. These light-sticks will take care of that. If anyone in your family is allergic to germs, then it’s a must you install the bio-fighter germicidal UV light-stick. It will protect your family from the unwanted presence of harmful microbes in the air that you breathe.

Bottom Line

A UV light stick is very effective in killing the germs present in the air. Installing it in areas where there are more chances of microbial presence will be an effective way to purify the air in your home. Hence, each home should have a germicidal UV light-stick to prevent germs’ contamination of the breathable air.

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