A clean air duct ensures proper air circulation in a particular building. An air duct is the most vital instrument of the HVAC system of your house. The air ducts of the entire building remain connected together. So, after every three to five years, you should book an appointment for a thorough air duct cleaning. Today, some people prefer to clean their air duct themselves with some top-quality air duct cleaning equipment. Let’s learn about the features and details of the ProAir™ basic air duct cleaning equipment system. Anyone can learn to use these air duct cleaning tools within a single day.

Tools found in the ProAir™ Basic Air Duct Cleaning Equipment System

Bio clean duct sanitizing sprayer

As the name suggests, this bio clean duct sanitizing sprayer sanitizes the interior part of the air duct. Our cleaning team will reach the nooks and corners of the air duct with their spray wand and will ensure the circulation of clean air.

Vacuum Box

In our ProAir™ Basic Air Duct Cleaning Equipment System, we add a vacuum box. This vacuum box is used to create high and low vacuum pressure. This vacuum box is nothing but a water-tight container, and it is capable of withstanding high-powered suction.

Reverse balls, forward balls, and cleaning balls

The reverse and forward balls are duct cleaning skipper balls. These two duct balls feature different results. Both of these balls are made with highly durable and strong Aluminium material. The cleaning ball looks a little different from these two balls, and it comes with an 8 feet long air whip.

Duct hose

Our Proair Basic Air Duct Cleaning Equipment System features a duct hose, which is flexible in nature, and you can adjust the length of such hose. In our package, you will get a quick connection on these hoses. These duct hoses sold in our package can be around 25 feet long.

Air gun

These airguns will feature a pistol grip. You can get various brilliant colors for your air gun. There are multiple brilliant color options. These air guns play the role of air compressor to some extent inside your air duct. Streams of high-pressure air come out of the air gun, and it can remove light debris easily.

Dust downer

Dust downer is a very basic air duct cleaning tool, and that is why you will find it in our ProAir™ Basic Air Duct Cleaning Equipment System. The dust downer works with other vacuuming tools. Many people call this dust downer a dampener. It is for truck-mounted units only. It will convert the airborne dust into a solid material.

Extension pole

In our basic package, there is an extension package included for the duct box. This pole clearly facilitates the air duct cleaning process for professionals.

Ladder hook

The ladder hook is also included in our basic package. This ladder hook ensures safety during the air duct cleaning. It gives you the base for balance and keeps the ladder steady all the time.

Other than these tools, there are kickboard plates and protective cases in the package. The protective cases are for duct boxes and spray guns, actually. All these are highly portable devices. You can place an order for all these tools separately as well. But, that way, you will have to pay more than our package price.

Why should you choose the ProAir™ Basic air duct cleaning equipment system?

We at ProAir™ offer the cheapest price yet best quality to our customers. The ProAir™ basic air duct cleaning system will cost you only around 2000 dollars. So, you can understand that we are asking for way less amount than other websites for such a basic air duct cleaning equipment package. We provide all cleaning items in this package that are necessary for air duct cleaning. Not only this, but on our website, you can check out some tutorial videos as well. All the tools included in our ProAir™ basic air duct cleaning equipment system are lightweight in nature and are highly effective. Our customers can access our tech support hotline any time they want. We are also pretty proud of our 24/7 customer service facility.

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