For a comfortable interior, you should invest in air ducts. These air ducts are nothing but passageways of air that maintain perfect air circulation inside your home. But, these air ducts are prone to getting dirty frequently, and so they need a thorough cleaning. These days, there is plenty of air duct cleaning equipment available in physical stores and on the internet. With these air duct cleaning tools and proper guidance, you can clean your air duct yourself.

What are the signs indicating that your air duct needs proper cleaning?

Dirty air ducts can degrade the air quality inside a building. The circulation of contaminated air can lead to several respiratory problems and other health hazards. If you see the vents of your air ducts clogged with dirt and debris, it is time to think about cleaning your air ducts. You will also see a bad odor coming from your dirty furnace filter in case of the debris-filled air duct. Sometimes mold and mildews appear on the clogged air ducts as well. This dirty atmosphere becomes a comfortable habitat for rats, insects, and other bacteria.

What is ProAir Complete Duct Cleaning Equipment Package?

This revolutionary ProAir complete duct cleaning equipment package contains almost every air duct cleaning tool you need for self-cleaning. There are various tutorial videos in our ProAir site for learning purposes. You can watch these videos before using our ProAir air duct cleaning equipment. All of the items included in the complete duct cleaning equipment package are super portable and highly durable. Our customers have rated most of our duct cleaning machines 5 stars. Let’s learn about the air duct cleaning tools available in our complete duct cleaning equipment package.

  • Dual motor vacuum

This is the most important air duct cleaning equipment in our complete air duct cleaning equipment package. These vacuum cleaners feature an additional motor. That is why with the dual-motor vacuum, you can get supreme quality cleaning. When you turn on the device, an electric motor starts, and the brush roller starts propelling.

  • Vacuum dolly

The vacuum dolly ensures the portability of your vacuum cleaner and air compressor. You have to place your heavy device on this dolly base and take it wherever you require. The vacuum dolly included in our complete duct cleaning equipment package is powder coated and custom protective.

  • Duct sanitizing sprayer

This bio clean duct sanitizing sprayer will disinfect your air duct after cleaning. As a result, no bacteria or viruses will live inside your air ducts. The bio clean duct sanitizing sprayer can reduce the chance of mold formation inside your air duct as well.

  • Spray wand

The spray wand available in our complete air duct cleaning equipment package is around 24 inches long. You can modify the length of the spray wand any time you want. The main role of the spray wand is to spray the interior of your air duct.

  • Duct vacuum box

To clean the HVAC system of yours, you need a good quality duct vacuum box. We add a rectangular duct vacuum box to our complete duct cleaning equipment package. You will get a protective case for this duct box.

  • Reverse ball and forward ball

In our package, both reverse and forward balls are made of aluminum. These are reverse spinning and forward spinning duct balls used for air duct cleaning. These balls will clean the dust from the trunk lines very easily. Please use our quick connect for duct balls, and it will facilitate your job.

  • Cleaning ball

Apart from the reverse and forward balls, there will be a cleaning ball in the complete duct cleaning equipment package. This cleaning ball features an 8 feet long whip. To clean the dust, spider web, and dirt of your air duct with this whip, you will have to set aside time for multiple attempts.

  • Air gun

This is actually a compressed air cleaning gun. These Air guns are attached to motors of a high watt. As a result, all the dust and dirt will be sucked out once you switch on the air gun. You will get ¼ air value also in our complete air duct cleaning equipment package.

  • Vacuum hose

These are nothing but pipes that suck the loose dirt from the air duct. In our package, you can get both a vacuum hose and an air hose. These are of 25 ft and 50 ft mainly. For the 25 ft long cleaning hose, we attach a special quick-connect facility to it.

Apart from these main tools, you will also be getting a commercial duct plate, ladder hook, etc., in our complete duct cleaning equipment package. We add an additional duct cover and carry bag to the package so that you can transfer these tools easily to various places. For any kind of issue with the tools, feel free to call us at our tech support hotline. It is open 24 hours a day.