The current time demands more than normal cleaning of air ducts. Many individuals use air duct cleaning equipment for deep cleaning. But is it enough? One also needs to consider sanitizing to maintain proper hygiene and health.

Air ducts contain much more than mold, debris, and dust. They have different harmful particles and even microorganisms that can cause severe infections. 

Sadly, even today, many people forget to clean these vital machines in their homes. However, neglecting these parts can affect you and others in many harmful ways. Keep reading to understand why you should consider using a sanitizing sprayer for your HVAC system.

Why should you use the bioclean duct sanitizing sprayer for duct cleaning?

Many cleaners use quality tools for cleaning HVAC systems. However, most of them miss out on this crucial task before completing the cleaning. Infections, debris, mold, and other harmful pollutants do not just damage your air conditioners but also your health. There are several reasons you should use boiclean sanitizing for your duct cleaning.

1.     Remove infections

Great air duct cleaning tools do remove all harmful particles but can miss out on infections. So, to get rid of these pollutants, you need a fit sanitizing sprayer. Today, we all know how crucial it is to keep hygiene.

Air ducts carry the air you breathe. So, if there are viruses and infections in them, you breathe them too. Thus, use an efficient sanitizing spray and get rid of them today.

2.     Direct Action

The ProAir™ bioclean sanitizing sprayer works directly on the infection and removes them. It is a sprayer on the duct walls to give a final cleaning touch to the HVAC system. Further, it promotes healthy air circulation and better reach for maximum sanitization.

3.     Controlled Spraying

Using the ProAir™ bioclean duct sanitizing sprayer is not like basic fogging. Instead, this spray permits you to reach difficult areas and spray the desired amount as per need. In addition, the system allows you to spray more in highly affected areas.

Also, ends of the air ducts have maximum debris build-ups and are difficult to reach even with high-powered vacuums. Thus, people prefer spraying sanitizing sprays in such areas. It helps to get rid of residue and get rid of all pollutants effectively.

Features of the ProAir™ Duct Sanitizer


Now that you know how crucial this tool is let us see some features it extends as well. The Bioclean duct cleaning sprayer provides many benefits that an ordinary tool cannot give. Some significant features of this product are:

·       Deep sanitizing

Reaching difficult parts is much easier if you use this sanitizing spray. It allows you to inject the chemical deep into the air ducts. The mist can travel up to twenty feet inside the HVAC system. Moreover, it evenly sprays the chemical on the duct walls.

·       Timely Application

The exceptional design permits users to spray the chemical instantly after the ducts are cleaned. In addition, the application is not tough and can be done in a few minutes. So, for quick and instant sanitization, use the bioclean sanitizer spray only.

·       Comes with a wand

The most highlighting feature is that the product comes with a two feet wand. Therefore, it permits the user to direct their sprays and sanitize them efficiently. Thus, using and operating this device is very simple. A user needs to center it into the air ducts opening and spray the chemical as needed.

·       Cost-efficient

It is an add-on service but does cost you a fortune. However, it is quite affordable and gives you impressive results in a minute. The extra cost is worth the cleaning and most clients appreciate paying it after noticing the great results.

Details of the ProAir™ Duct Sanitizer

Undoubtedly, these four features explain the product well. However, these details will give you a better idea of what the system includes.

  • 24-inch Cleaning Wand
  • BioClean Sanitizer Spray
  • Hooks and attachments
  • Tough and durable case

These specs make the complete work simple and convenient. Selecting a device that provides ease is essential for better services. The primary aim is deep hygienic cleaning. And every device you use must meet the necessary needs.


Sanitizing your HVAC air ducts is as essential as cleaning them. Use the ProAir™ bioclean duct sanitizing sprayer to get fine results after each cleaning session. It will help keep infections away and ensure you breathe healthy air only.

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