5 Myths About Air Duct Cleaning


( Worried about the dirty air ducts? Myths about air ducts cleaning busted! All you need to know about air duct cleaning and the myths surrounding it)


Air duct cleaning is one of the fastest-growing cleaning services in the USA and is in great demand. You will be tempted to try your hands on air duct cleaning if you are a start-up owner. Unfortunately, like every growing service, air duct cleaning also has a few myths doing the rounds. Let us understand what is air duct cleaning and what are the 5 most common myths around it.


What is air duct cleaning?


Air duct cleaning is the method of removing dust and contaminants that accumulate overtime on the ducts. Duct cleaning consists of a rigorous cleanse of the several parts and coils in the Heating, Ventilation and the Cooling (popularly known as HVAC) system. Cleaning services professionals use specialized equipment such as bowlers, vacuums and brushes to clean the supply, return ducts and intake of homes.




  1. I don’t need a professional to do the duct cleaning 


Given the complex nature of the duct and the HVAC systems; it is imperative to get a professional to clean the air ducts. Experts suggest that on failing to clean the ducts properly every 4-7 years, it can lead to poor air quality. One must do extensive research before choosing the service provider to clean the ducts.


  1. Unclean air ducts do not affect your health


Air ducts are like the respiratory systems of the homes, and hence cleaning is essential. If you find family members, especially the elderly and the children suffering from allergies, it is wise to clean up the air ducts. Dirty air ducts can cause asthma and other respiratory illnesses. It can also cause flu-like symptoms, severe headaches and fatigues.


  1. Only dehumidifiers need duct cleaning


There is a common idea that only air conditioning systems that have dehumidifiers need cleaning because of the more bacterial growth, which is of course not true. All air conditioners need periodic maintenance and clean up. All the a.c machines have a dip tray, water backs up from the tray and enters air ducts, causing bacteria growth.


  1. Duct cleaning requires harmful chemicals


It is a common assumption that duct cleaning requires harsh, toxic chemicals which can adversely affect your health. While the fact is most of the professional duct cleaners do not use any chemicals during the cleaning process. They use non-chemical alternatives instead. Don’t shy away from asking about the cleaning materials when fixing the appointment with your service provider. The chemical-free cleaning agents can prevent mold and bacteria growth as efficiently as their chemical counterparts.


  1. Ducts don’t get dirty


The air ducts not only get dirty but also accumulate pollens, pests and dust over time. This can not only impact your health but also diminish the working life of the HVAC system.


While monthly cleaning is not required, however, it is a good idea to inspect the air ducts and find out if and when cleaning is needed. These maintenance activities ensure maximum heating and cooling efficiency. Trusting the myths about air duct cleaning can pose a potential threat to your family’s health. Learn about our top-rated Air Duct Cleaning Equipment.

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