Air ducts are part of every residential and commercial building these days. These air ducts need cleaning after regular intervals to keep the people living under safe and sound. The air ducts are nothing but passageways through a room that ensure proper airflow and good air quality. The air ducts are a key component of the HVAC system in your office or home. These air ducts get clogged because of dust, dirt, mold, mildew, etc., in a few months. So, air duct cleaning is a necessity for every office space, retail space, and home. You can either use your own air duct cleaning equipment for such cleaning or book an appointment with the cleaning professionals.

Benefits of air duct cleaning

Every household and commercial space needs a thorough air duct cleaning. There are a few benefits of a clean air duct. Let’s know about them.

Cleaner environment

If you clean your air duct with air duct cleaning equipment every once in a while, the entire environment of your house will remain clean and healthy. A hygienic home also reduces the chance of other respiratory problems in the human body. A cleaned air duct will maintain a good quality of airflow in your house.

Easy breathing

A cleaned air duct will emit only clean air for your office or home. This clean air is free from allergens, irritants, pollutants, etc. There will be no dust or dirt coming out of a properly cleaned air duct. So, all these will ensure easy breathing for the residents. People with asthma and respiratory allergies will feel comfortable under a cleaned air duct. 

Curbs bad odor

Sometimes clogged air ducts give birth to bad odor. In many cases, rats and other insects create nests inside a dirty air duct. If your air ducts are not cleaned for several years, a musty scent comes out of them. Through professional cleaning, you can get rid of this nasty smell from the air duct.

Reduces electric bill

If your air duct is clogged, it won’t work properly. Not only this, but a dirty air duct will also draw more current to run the entire device. So, you need to clean your air duct every now and then. Otherwise, your energy bill will keep increasing with every passing day.

What are some air duct cleaning types of equipment?

There are several air duct cleaning equipment in the market. The cleaning professional brings these items to their client’s space in most cases. They come with a professional vacuum cleaner, long brushes, air compressor, paper towels, etc. For pharmaceutical duct cleaning and industrial cleaning, the team of cleaning professionals comes with separate all-purpose machines. These machines reach each and every corner of the air duct and remove the contaminants. For round air ducts, the vacuum machines are a little different from the ones that are used for square air ducts. One unit of such an air duct cleaning machine will cost you a few thousand bucks. But, it is completely a one-time investment.

How to prepare for air duct cleaning?

There are certain things you can do to make the air duct cleaning process easier and faster for the cleaning professionals. These are

Clear the space

Before the air duct cleaning professionals arrive, you need to make some room for them. They will come with their cleaning tools, and they will need a proper space to keep all those items near the air duct. So, move the chairs and tables of your office space or home. They will remove various parts of the air duct for easy cleaning, and those parts will lie down on the floor. So, the cleaning professionals will need as much space as they can get so that they can keep the furnace filter, air register, etc., near their hands.

Find the air duct vents

The air ducts will pass through different parts of a room. There can be air vents on both floors and walls. You should check all the connected rooms before the air duct cleaning professionals arrive with their air duct cleaning equipment. This way, the cleaning professionals won’t have to look for the vents in your commercial space or residential building. You will be able to save some time of yours this way.

Cover the furniture

During the air duct cleaning, your entire house or office space will be filled with dust. This dust will be deposited on your delicate furniture and other important appliances. So, it is essential that you cover all these items with a clean cloth prior to the air duct cleaning. We suggest you remove the covers after your air duct cleaning is done and after you wash your entire floor.

Wear face masks

During the air duct cleaning, there will be plenty of pollutants and contaminants in the air. So, it would be wise of you to wear a face mask while the cleaning professionals clean your air duct. Thus, no chance of dust allergies will be there.

Talk about the safety measures

You must keep the HVAC system off before the air duct cleaning service provider comes. The dirt, mold, mildew, etc., found inside the air duct can be pretty harmful to your body. So, try to maintain a 6 feet distance from the air duct cleaning hotspot. Also, sanitize the entire surface after your cleaning professionals are gone. You can ask them about the safety measures and dirt-preventive measures of air ducts as well.

If you follow these preparations, you will facilitate the air duct cleaning process for the cleaning professionals in a way. Also, amidst the pandemic of coronavirus, try to welcome as few cleaning professionals as possible in your home. You have to provide them a space for washing the parts of air ducts as well. The regular maintenance of the air duct will increase the longevity of your air duct and HVAC system. You should talk to the air duct cleaning professionals every now and then. Ask them to come to your home for a quick inspection of your air duct.

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