Your air ducts accumulate a lot of waste inside them because of constant use. The average cost of cleaning falls between 30 to 40 dollars per air duct; this price varies as per your requirements. It is crucial to get them cleaned regularly for better health and hygiene. If you wish to clean it thoroughly, you may need air duct cleaning equipment that promises better dusting and helps your air ducts perform efficiently. Cleaning it with the hand may be possible but may not promise complete hygiene. 

This article will get a better idea of air duct cleaning costs and the factors that vary its price. 

Air duct cleaning costs for basic cleaning 

Many house owners also pay $500 to get their air ducts cleaned. Large homeowners pay as high as $1000 per unit for maintaining their air ducts well. So, the cost of your air duct cleaning depends on a lot of factors. 

While cleaning these air ducts, there are some basic parts that you need to clean well and get rid of the residues in those areas. These basic factors that change cost are the following:

  • The chemical you choose 

Several companies give a variety of options in the types of chemicals used in cleaning air ducts. Some of them are natural and nature-friendly, while others are not. So, the pricing also depends on the type and quality of chemical you choose for cleaning. 

  • The degree of contamination 

If your air duct is not cleanable by standard air duct cleaning equipment, it may require expert help. When your air ducts are not maintained regularly, they suffer from excessive contamination. So, in this case, you may need better technology, or else you may have to replace your entire duct.

  • Getting rid of mildew or mold 

Moisture causes the building of a residue called mold in the air duct. If mildew or mold is present in your duct, it can instantly raise cleaning charges by $1 and affect costing. So, do not be surprised if your original budget or quotation experiences an addition. 

  • The type of air duct 

Larger homes have fancy ways to place their air ducts. They prefer ducts that have an easy and more standard-looking structure. The more creatively fit your air duct is, the more complex it becomes to wash it. So, this extra effort may be counted in your cleaning fee. 

In commercial areas, air ducts have outlines that permit better cleaning. So, if you want the air ducts of your commercial space to be cleaned, estimate the cost considering these factors as it is common.

  • Cleaning your AC duct 

The cleaning process of your AC duct could vary right from $10 to $100. Its costing depends on your location, AC type, and other factors like dust inside it. 

  • Size of your air duct 

The bigger your air duct is, the more amount it will need for cleaning. Larger ducts require more workforce and people to clean them and better air duct cleaning equipment.

Why should you clean air ducts regularly?

Before we understand the process of cleaning your duct, it is vital to know its need. Why is it essential to get your duct clean? Maintaining your duct is surely an essential part of hygiene but also important for your overall health. 

Nowadays, complexes and buildings have more artificial ventilation than natural. So, these air ducts play a very important role in supplying fresh and healthy air for you. When they have dust and dirt, it means you are also breathing unhealthy bacteria, viruses, and dirt from them into your body. It does not affect a particular area but the entire inside environment of your house or complex. So, ensure you clean the air ducts frequently for better health for all around you. 

What is the technique of cleaning an air duct?

Now that we know the significance of keeping air ducts clean, we must understand how to clean them properly. By knowing this, you will be able to ensure you are getting the right cleaning service. Cleaning of air duct comprises two core processes. The first is loosening the pollutants and then removing them. 

  • Air washing the duct 

This process is used when the pollutants do not stick to the walls of air ducts. The pollutants are extracted with the help of a vacuum. This process involves unveiling the vent covers one by one. Then the unnecessary dust particles and pollutants from the air ducts are removed with a machine. Also, small cameras and lights are inserted to check on cleanliness and ensure no pollutants are leftover.

  • Direct wash 

When the pollutants are hard to remove and cling to your duct’s walls, this process is the best to get rid of them. It enables better cleaning and ensures all the harmful pollutants are removed. Also, it has a high-power filter and brush that help loosen the dirt and remove it from the system. Or the cleaners will use air duct cleaning equipment to clean the dirt out of the system.

  • Collecting the pollutants 

This step ensures that the air at the back of the duct filter is clean and meets medical-grade hygiene standards. It assures that almost 99% of the contaminants are out of your air duct system. Keeping the filter clean from all particles prevents triggering severe infections like asthma. 

  • Prevention measures 

If you take care of these essential factors after your duct is clean, you can prevent future issues and reduce your annual cleaning costs. Regularly inspect the duct, replacing the filters, changing the cleaning coils. Also, ensure the intake source, not near pollutant-prone areas, and if they are, seal your duct to avoid dirt. 

By taking these preventions, you will experience a better in-house environment and freshness. Also, maintaining your air duct is of utmost importance irrespective of it being a complex or house. The cost of cleaning your air ducts will not be very high if you check on these factors regularly. 

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