The Common Scams In The service Of Air Duct Cleaning


As our technology evolved, so did our places of living. Most people nowadays live in a safe, comfortable, temperature-controlled piece of architecture, they call home. HVAC or Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning system is the technology used to achieve this indoor environment control. It is a system of air ducts running through the house to take the air in or out to control the temperature. Due to having dust filters, these air ducts tend to accumulate a lot of dust inside them. Learn about our top-rated Air Duct Cleaning Equipment.


But as we have often seen, what is an inconvenience to one person, is a business opportunity to someone else. People’s concern over this dust buildup in their air ducts has given rise to the air duct cleaning companies. These companies charge you a premium to clean your home’s air ducts on the pretense of better air circulation, less dust allergy, and many other claims. There is an ongoing debate going on the necessity of such services as air naturally contains many specks of dust and other small particles. Keeping that debate aside, even many of these supposed companies are scamming people.


Every customer wants a good deal; lower prices are something people generally actively search for. And being one of the expensive services out there, air duct cleaning service typically doesn’t offer much lower prices when done by genuine professionals. This is the exact point the fraud companies target to conduct most of their scams. In reality, you only need to clean your air ducts when there is a visible problem of the mold within the house. A noticeable amount of dust comes from the tube, dirt and debris are jamming the air duct or some serious issues like that. In which case, you should always take more than one opinion and call adequately certified professionals.


Let’s take a look at some of the most common scams in the business:


⦁    The company will draw your attention by offering a great deal, with much cheaper rates than most in the market and lure your attention. But when you hire them, they will do a minimal amount of work and ask for an additional premium to finish the entire job.


⦁    To these companies, another way of scamming people is through a fake mold inspection. If you hire them for a scheduled cleaning, looking at their lucrative prices, they sometimes will come and offer a free mold inspection. Whether there is mold present or not, they will say they found mold, and they will need additional money to get rid of it.


⦁    Some companies tend to scam people in a much simpler way, taking advantage of their oversight. They will clean only the visible part of the air duct to make it look like they have done a thorough job. These companies generally schedule a lot of appointments to keep their prices low and attractive, moving on from one customer to another very quickly.


Even though these air duct cleaning scams are running amuck nowadays, there are some red flags or subtle signs to look out for and points to remember to save yourself from getting scammed:


⦁    Reputed companies don’t go door to door to provide service

⦁    If a deal looks too good to be true, it probably isn’t real, or there is some catch.

⦁    Always take one than one opinion about mold inspection and removal.

⦁    Always hire certified professionals with excellent customer reviews.

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