A professional air duct cleaning company can clean the dirty duct more safely. They have qualified persons and equipment to do the cleaning job. If you feel that your indoor air quality is not pretty healthy, you may think to clean the ducts. As a homeowner, do you imagine cleaning the chimney yourself? Is it a wise decision?

It is not. An untrained person can damage your air duct.

Maybe you have to expense more utility costs for that damaged air ducts.

There are lots of scammers around us. It would help if you were careful to choose a skilled and reputed HVAC system cleaning service. Otherwise, it will cause more trouble for your lovely home, indeed.

Improper duct cleaning leading damage

Do you want to waste your money by purchasing a new air duct very early?

Never, right? So you need to know what are designs of air ducts are and the best way to clean flex ducts. The ducts consist of spring and are wrapped with a plastic layer. These insulated plastic layers are very much fragile.

During cleaning, any mistake can lead to a breakage of these flexible ducts that might not be noticeable immediately. But over time, this breakage or leakage can cause severe damage to ducts. An unskilled technician does not have enough vacuum cleaning tools or experience to clean correctly.

Of course, you need expert personnel to avoid any damage to the air duct.

Let’s see how the damaged duct affects our life for improper air duct clean process. This might help you to become more conscious of the air duct cleaning process in the future.

Increases Health Hazard

Everyone concerns about the quality of air related to our health. You are not exceptional from them. When you call an unprofessional person for cleaning the air duct, it will harm your health through the degraded quality of room air. This cleaning system will then do more harm rather well to your health.

Furthermore, molds often invisible by the sole eye can quickly spread out the entire home for imperfect vacuum cleaning. These molds are very sensitive and can push your family member to health risks.

Utility Cost Rises

We all need a comfortable temperature at home. The HVAC system provides fresh air and maintains the desired temperature through the air duct. Any leakage in the duct during cleaning may decrease the cooling or heating rate. It lowers the efficiency of the air conditioning system by up to 30%. It will also reduce the lifespan of these systems.

Replacement of ducts for significant damage

You will face not only silly damage; it would be severe sometimes by a scammer. During cleaning, the cleaning companies use the vacuum equipment to clean with a rapid increase or decrease of pressure inside the ducts. This rapid change can cause severe damage that needs immediate replacement of your old ducts.

Here, we share some tactics that may help you to keep the air duct safe and long-lasting. We know your expectation as a homeowner; you demand a healthy indoor environment and clean air ducts.

What should you do to prevent air duct damage? 

Professional HVAC person:

When you notice a large amount of dust adhering in your room and air ducts, you need to talk to a professional adept. Most HVAC firms have air duct cleaning tools and proficient persons for these cleaning services. If you hire an untrained one, there is a risk of damage to the HVAC system and reduced efficiency.

Regular clean up:

It is easy to clean some areas of an air conditioning system. Routinely clean up the floor register. If you or your family members are sensitive to mold or dust, you need to clean regularly with the HEPA vacuum. Besides this, you should monitor the presence of moisture in the living area.

Change the air filter:

Does the air duct cleaning process make a mess? Yes, sometimesTo avoid this, you can decrease the duct cleaning time and the possibility of duct damage by frequent changing of the air filter. It will provide the high performance of the HVAC system.

Covering during renovation:

 It is necessary to cover up the floor register and return the air register while renovating your home. The cover protects the ducts from colossal dust.

Sometimes, we have tried to clean the air duct ourselves. It is fine when you tend the accessible part of the air duct like a register. But all time, it is not an ideal DIY job. Keep away to push vacuum hose in the ductwork. It will turn severe damage to the air duct.

Final words

In the daily struggle to maintain the home cleaning for a beloved family, cleaning up and maintaining the air duct help you win. Is duct cleaning a waste of money or damaging your air ducts? It happens suddenly. If you are not pretty aware, you have to face the air duct damage with the whole air conditioning system.

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