Have you seen small, little chunks of dust dangling out from your home’s air conditioner, every time you use it? Have you seen any pet hair trapped in your AC ducts? These might be the signs that your air conditioner’s vents need some thorough cleaning. 

Well, you can say that the HVAC (heating ventilation and air conditioning) system at your home is similar to the heart and lungs of your body. The way, how the heart and the lungs support us in living and surviving through the day, how they are so important for us to live is similar to how the HVAC system plays the role in our homes. 

Now it is very important to ensure that you and your loved ones breathe clean air without any impurities. To ensure that one needs to make sure that their HVAC system is without any peck of dust, pet hair, allergens and other sorts of air-borne impurities. It is said that the air duct is the final chance to decontaminate out dust and air-borne impurities before it is breathed by you and your loved ones. But how do we know whether our air ducts are clean enough or not? Do we need to clean them? Or should we replace them? When should we know whether the air ducts are to be cleaned and when to be replaced?

Here we are going to answer these questions that might’ve raised the curiosity of most of us here…..


You should get your air ducts cleaned professionally if they are relatively new or if it is made up of any metal or plastic material. If your ductwork is made up of metal and has no interior liner then you can opt for a professional cleaner. Metal ductworks, without an interior lining, are often easy to clean, remove dirt easily without creating much of a problem for the customers. There will be instances when air duct cleaning will be the best alternative for fixing ductwork that is not working up to the level.


  • Check the air conditioning coil. If there is any kind of dust material dangling down the housing wall, then that simply implies that your air filter has not been working properly and needs some cleaning. If your air filter is clogged with dirt and dust then it blocks the flow of air which eventually leads to the settling up of more dust in the ductwork.
  • Open your vent covers and looks out for any matted dirt or debris
  • Check your furnace compartment and observe the blower fan and motor for any dirt or dust. The more amount of dirt  is accumulated, the bigger and more serious is your problem.
  • Examine the air registers for any kind of dust, specifically  if there is any thick kind of dust layer( which is an important sign)
  • Ducts are infested with vermin that can spread several diseases.


If you notice any leaks in your ductwork but otherwise are in a good condition, then you should go for repairing. In such a case, replacing the ductwork will cost more than what is needed for repairing it. Added to that, only cleaning your ducts when there are leaks won’t solve the case. Your professional contractor can assist you with decisions, where repairing your air ducts would be the best as well as a cost-effective way.

 An air duct cleaner can last up to many years if treated and cleaned properly in the proper course of time. However making the correct decision whether to repair, clean or replace your ducts saves you a lot in terms of health as well as money and time.  You should consult a professional or contact us for the same. 

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