If you hire professionals to clean the HVAC system in your house, ensure they use the right air duct cleaning equipment. Paying for a service should give you accurate results and beneficial outcomes. Without these perks, the cleaning service is just a waste of time and cash.

Getting a thorough job is very crucial for apt results. HVAC systems are critical parts of your home and must be well-cleaned. Below are certain aspects that will help you determine whether your air ducts are cleaned well. Check all these points to analyze whether the cleaning job is completed correctly.

1.     The Cleaning Method

The process that the cleaning servicemen use will tell you a lot about the entire performance. By keeping an eye on this factor, you will instantly detect scam companies and save your cash:

  1. Check what kind of cleaning equipment the company brings with them.
  2. Inspect whether the device is branded or a common tool.
  3. The air duct cleaning equipment will give you an overall view of the cleaners and their work.

So, if you are not satisfied with these factors, do not take up the cleaning service and reassign experts.

2.     Interior of Air Ducts

After the cleaning service is completed, manually inspect the duct. Use a flashlight and check the interiors of your HVAC systems. If they are still filthy, recognize the work has not been completed thoroughly.

A good cleaner will not miss out on any spot. Thus, check this factor to get a clear view of the overall result of your cleaning service.

3.     Vent Covers

Duct cleaning also comprises removing and replacing the vent covers off the HVAC system of your home. Again, if these registers are not properly cleaned, the hired company has not efficiently completed its work.

4.     Check Frames and Doors

While cleaning air ducts, technicians often create tiny holes to complete their job thoroughly. So, after the cleaning is completed, check for these holes. A good service provider will always close these holes and ensure they are sealed.

Also, if you trace no holes around your HVAC system, the duct is likely still dirty. Further, if the holes are partially sealed and not properly closed, the duct system will wear out. Thus, inspecting these critical aspects is very vital.

5.     Check the Furnace and AC

To complete your inspection, ensure that the AC and the Furnace are functioning properly. If you notice damage, then the company is held accountable for it. So, checking your devices is crucial for getting a thorough service.   

Additional Tips

Apart from these manual inspections, it is also critical to check a few more advanced factors.

·       Ask for reports

Not all, but some companies provide proofs and reports of clean ducts to assure clients. Ensure you get them to know the work is completed efficiently.

·       Check Time

Proper duct cleaning consumes around four to five hours. So, any service provider that works lesser than that is not genuine.

·       Ask for License

Scam companies will most likely not have a license. Thus, checking licenses is crucial for getting accurate results. Always check this aspect to ensure the safety of the HVAC devices and also your residence.


Duct cleaning is not every cleaner’s job. So, ensure you are investing in the right place and pay only after inspecting these factors. Getting adequate results is a must to get valuable results. Moreover, HVAC systems are not ordinary parts but important components of your home. Thus, hire only experts and ensure they are well-cleaned to breathe healthy air!

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